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A New Spirit With the Same Spirit

Spring 2016 Spirit

Welcome to the redesigned Spirit! As you page through this issue, we hope that you notice some changes and improvements to our magazine—starting with the cover.

Our new, larger flag is a reflection of Spirit’s evolution from a 16-page issue in 1998 to a 48-page issue with a circulation of more than 70,000 print and electronic readers. We are proud that Spirit resonates with a large audience, and such a magazine deserves a bolder cover.

Longtime readers may remember that Spirit was last redesigned in 2007, when it transitioned to a full-color magazine. That redesign propelled Spirit forward, and this redesign once again acts as an agent of change. While we kept the fundamentals of Spirit intact, you’ll notice an enhanced design and new editorial content. The updated design includes new fonts and flexible layout options that give the magazine a “techy” yet traditional feel. You might notice the most significant changes in our table of contents and sections such as On Campus, Lab Work and New Gifts.

Our redesign was the result of internal editorial discussions, careful review of feedback obtained from reader surveys and a focus group held in April 2015. We learned that one of our readers’ greatest desires is more variety in the length of editorial content. You’ll still find in-depth features in Spirit, but you’ll also find new sections like Research Rundown, Class Notes and Gift Wrap-Up that appeal to “skimmers.”

Spirit readers often tell us they love Texas A&M history. With this in mind, we added a section called Time Capsule that will provide a connection to our university’s past. Because our readers have always enjoyed the look of Spirit, we will include additional graphics, illustrations and a section called Final Review to maintain the magazine’s strong visual appeal.

Some elements of Spirit are too essential to alter, however. It will always be a magazine designed to keep readers connected to Texas A&M through campus news and compelling stories about people who transform the university through generosity. It will always showcase the tremendous achievements of students and faculty who are at the heart and mind of campus. And it will always be a magazine dedicated to communicating the spirit of Texas A&M.

Our new Spirit would not have been possible without loyal readers, a team of talented internal staff, skilled freelance writers and photographers, and the exceptional work of our longtime designer Mark Geer, who has poured his artistic gifts into the magazine for almost two decades.

Enjoy reading.