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"Give It Twice" Trust

This method, also called a testamentary charitable remainder trust, allows you to support loved ones and Texas A&M after your lifetime through a trust created in your will. This gift provides regular payments to designated beneficiaries for up to 20 years, while the remainder benefits Texas A&M. Because this method spreads out payments, it’s an advantageous way to help your heirs responsibly handle their inheritance. While you won’t receive an immediate tax deduction, you could receive an estate tax deduction.

Other planned giving methods to consider

Charitable Gift Annuity

A contract between you and the Texas A&M Foundation, a charitable gift annuity provides you with secure payments unaffected by fluctuating markets. In return for a gift of cash or securities, you receive an immediate tax deduction and fixed payments for life. After your lifetime, the remainder supports Aggieland however you choose.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You can turn appreciated assets into payments for you and support for Texas A&M by placing the assets in a charitable remainder trust. This method eliminates capital gains taxes on the assets and provides payments based on a percentage of the trust, which means they could increase if the trust grows. After a specified number of years, the remainder will support your chosen impact area in Aggieland.


One of the easiest and most popular planned giving methods, a bequest is a gift in your will or living trust. You can provide a specific dollar amount, asset or percentage of your estate through a bequest. This flexible method allows you to continue using your assets during your lifetime while providing for Texas A&M’s future.

Beneficiary Designation Gift

With a straightforward beneficiary designation gift, you can name the Texas A&M Foundation as the beneficiary of your retirement account to leave your Aggie legacy. This method allows you to use your account throughout your lifetime and avoid passing a highly taxed asset to your heirs.