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According to family lore, Lacey Pattie ’22 was singing and dancing before she could speak coherently. “My dad bought me my first guitar—a pink Daisy Rock with a rainbow guitar strap—when I was 5 and took me to guitar lessons with the same man who taught him to play years before,” she recalled.

Today, the business honors and management major has embarked on a path at Texas A&M University to grow her love of music into a career.

Get to know Pattie through a series of  “this or that”​ questions below!

Solo or Duet?


Classic or Contemporary?


Pattie is president of The Femmatas, a Texas A&M women’s a cappella group. Using only their voices, they re-create popular songs from artists across genres, including The Jonas Brothers, Amy Winehouse, Drake, Queen and ABBA. “I love that there is so much variety with contemporary music,” she said.

Singing in the shower or Singing in the car?

Singing in the car

Alto or Soprano?


"Emmanuel" or "Happy Birthday to You"?


The Femmatas have a special arrangement of “Emmanuel,” a Christmas song that is a popular request during the holidays.

Morning classes or Afternoon classes?

Morning classes

Study at home or Study on campus?

Study on campus

Small ensemble or Full choir?

Small ensemble

A small group of fewer than 15 girls, Femmatas performances tend to be on the more intimate side. For Pattie, the true allure of a small group lies in the music. “Music is more fun when only one or two people are on each voice part,” she said. “When it’s just you carrying a note, you know that you have to be an active participant.” A bonus of their small size: “I admire how close we get every semester as the group evolves,” she added, noting that the relationships formed are often lifelong.

Sheet music or Memory?


Reading or Writing?


Radio or Spotify?


Pattie enjoys creating playlists with oddly specific themes, such as songs that might play during a movie's dramatic breakup montage. “I get very passionate about my Spotify playlists,” she laughed.

Live music or Recorded?


As fun as live music can be, sometimes a musician wants greater control over their work. Like a detailed movie set or a great poem, nothing on a recorded track is accidental. “I did a one-week music production workshop at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and it helped me understand the production side of music,” said Pattie, who has also interned for a music management and marketing label. Encouraged by staff and mentors in the business honors program, her long-term goal is to start her own label or publishing company focused on artists’ rights and ethical business practices within the music industry.

Fuego Tortilla Grill or Torchy's Tacos?

Fuego Tortilla Grill

Layne's Chicken Fingers or Raising Cane's?

Layne's Chicken Fingers

Enjoy my own company or Be a social butterfly?

Be a social butterfly

The best Aggie experiences are the ones made with friends. “My best friend and I met the bass player of the Eli Young Band after a concert of theirs and talked to him about music for almost an hour. It’s one of my favorite college memories,” Pattie said.

Heldenfels cats or Campus squirrels?

Campus squirrels

Academic Building or Memorial Student Center?

Memorial Student Center

Ring Day or Ring Dance?

Ring Day

Pattie volunteered at Ring Day with MSC Hospitality before she earned her own ring. “I loved the energy and felt blessed to witness such heartfelt moments,” she said.

"The Spirit of Aggieland" or "The Aggie War Hymn"?

"The Aggie War Hymn"

Kacey Musgraves or Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift

Donor Corner

Pattie receives support from a President’s Endowed Scholarship (PES) given by Mary and Michael Bolner ’73. As four-year awards, PES scholarships support high-achieving Aggies and can be endowed through a $100,000 gift.

Michael’s father, Clifton “Clif” Bolner ’49, modeled a passion for philanthropy for his children, many of whom did not attend Texas A&M but later supported their own alma maters. After founding Bolner’s Fiesta Products in 1955, Clif funded several scholarships for Aggies. Today, Michael recalls the sense of responsibility his father instilled in him to care for future generations.

“If you help somebody now, they will help somebody later,” Michael said. “I remember being a student and watching my friends benefit from their scholarships, and I knew that I wanted to give back someday. Giving an education to someone is very fulfilling, and our scholarship recipients give me great faith in the future of our country.”

Following in the Bolners’ footsteps, Pattie also aspires to give back one day. “I hope to return the favor by creating scholarships to help future generations of Aggies,” she said. “I want others to have the same opportunities my scholarship afforded me.”

To learn more about giving a President’s Endowed Scholarship, contact Marcy Ullmann '86, senior director of scholarship programs, at the bottom of this page. 

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