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Selfless Committment to Aggie Veterans

The Knausses’ contribution for Texas A&M’s Veteran Resource and Support Center is an example of generosity to a most worthy cause. The Knauss family are templates in selflessness, commitment and Aggie pride. Whoop and Gig ’em!

Jesse Galvan
Los Alamos, New Mexico

The Multitalented Dean Jones

A wonderful story about a remarkable, multitalented man in Dean Eli Jones. I enjoyed the beautiful photos of him and Fern. Thankful for all he does for Texas A&M!

Dee Childs ’22
College Station, Texas
Dean Eli Jones '82 '86 '97 and his wife, Fern. (Photo by Leighton Jack '14)

Congratulations on a Successful Capital Campaign

What an astounding accomplishment! Congratulations to the whole team. The Lead by Example campaign is an incredible tale of fundraising in Texas. The discussion of measurable metrics in Tyson’s letter was especially informative. Surpassing the goal by a quarter of a billion dollars is as impressive as achieving the goal itself. Well done!

Alexis Breeding
Manchaca, Texas


Congratulations on the completion of the Lead by Example campaign! No small task but so worth the time and effort. All Aggies will benefit.

Peggy Haden Nolan
Dallas, Texas


Congratulations to the entire team at the Texas A&M Foundation on completing the Lead by Example campaign! And thank you to Aggies everywhere who made this happen. “There’s a spirit, can ne’er be told. It’s the spirit of Aggieland.”

Mark Matthews ’80
Flagstaff, Arizona


Good Bull and truly remarkable! The Lead by Example campaign will make a difference in the lives of generations of Aggies to come, and their impact on the world will be immeasurable.

Nathan Seago ’18
Knoxville, Tennessee


It is inspiring to see what can be done when Aggies pull together to make a difference. The Lead by Example campaign is yet another wonderful example of Aggies working together to serve the greater good.

Dave Marsh
Bryan, Texas


Whoop! The Lead by Example campaign is an incredible testament to our university and Aggie family!

Eric Mendoza ’21
2020-2021 Student Body President
College Station, Texas
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