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Eren Rudd ’24, KANM Student Radio's station manager, fosters creativity while building a community that is passionate about music.

What is KANM’s mission?

Our main mission is running the radio station and allowing everyone to try their hand at being a DJ. We also want to provide a space for people on campus who are really into music as well as production and audio engineering. It’s a good organization for people who are interested in the social aspects of music in any capacity to meet each other and have an atmosphere for discussion. We’re all about providing a creative outlet.

What types of music or programming does the station play?

We give our DJs a lot of free rein, but we follow FCC guidelines in terms of what kind of music you can play on-air. First-time DJs must take 30% of the music they play from our mandatory pile, but every other week at Music Review Crew, DJs get to pitch albums and vote on recently released music. Experienced DJs can also host podcasts or shows about sports and politics. We really want to provide a space for anybody interested in radio.

How frequently does KANM air?

We’re streaming 24/7 on our website, If there’s a time without somebody’s show, we have an auto DJ that pulls from our library and plays random songs.

What makes this organization stand out?

It’s an awesome community. We provide a space for people who don’t necessarily feel like they fit the traditional mold. We’re very diverse because we’re all tied together by something that transcends everything: music.

  • Reagan Chessher '96

  • Senior Director of Development
  • Division of Student Affairs
  • Call: 979.862.6415

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