Made in Brownsville

Brownsville Scholar Juan Dominguez ’21 is attending Texas A&M University with plans to one day make a difference in his hometown.

    Written by Clare Fusselman '21
  • Jun. 14, 2021
    3 min read

Dr. Dominguez—those are words Juan Dominguez ’21 has long dreamed of hearing. But he knew from an early age that his dream wouldn’t come easy. Born and raised in Brownsville, Texas, Dominguez had a modest childhood. Located at the southernmost tip of the Texas border, Brownsville is a captivating combination of Texan and Hispanic culture. Though culturally vibrant, the city’s poverty rate is among the nation’s highest. Growing up in such an impoverished community taught Dominguez about the necessity of hope and the value of perseverance. “My childhood in Brownsville gave me a strong desire to live out an impactful life,” he said.

To make his dream a reality, the biomedical science major plans to attend medical school and specialize in dermatology, a path that called to him after seeing the limited options for medical care in his hometown. As a teenager, an appointment with his dermatologist required a long and inconvenient trip. “It was worth it, though, because my doctor helped me feel confident in myself,” he said. “Since then, I knew I wanted to give others the same feeling through a career in medicine.”

Brownsville Roots

Dominguez’s parents taught him that anything is possible for those who prioritize hard work. “My parents are my biggest supporters; their encouragement is the reason that I graduated valedictorian of my high school class and attended Texas A&M,” he said.

A first-generation college student and Aggie, Dominguez has always set his sights high and, thanks to the Brownsville Scholars Program, he’s enjoyed opportunities to achieve his goals. Created by Kelly and Mike Hernandez III ’83 in 2016, the Brownsville Scholars Program was established to help low-income students from Brownsville pursue higher education, with the hope that many of these scholars would eventually return to the Rio Grande Valley and improve the region’s communities. “The Brownsville Scholarship opened the door to Texas A&M for me,” Dominguez shared, “and, in turn, Texas A&M has opened the door for many future possibilities.”

Photo by Brenda Bazan


Apart from his academic focus, Dominguez’s time at Texas A&M has been interspersed with on-campus involvement, including serving as a peer mentor for first-generation students, a supplemental chemistry instructor and a committee member for the Camp Leaders in Transition, a training camp for first-generation peer mentors.

“My activities on campus have centered on serving others because service is something I have always felt deeply called to,” he said.

Dominguez hopes to continue his passion for service by one day opening a dermatology clinic in Brownsville. “I am who I am because of Brownsville,” he concluded. “My hometown gave me the tools I needed to pursue my dreams, and now I feel it is my responsibility to make a positive impact in return.”

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