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This was such an easy process for us. People think they need an astronomical amount of money to make a gift, but after going through the gift process myself, I can say that’s not true. Every bit counts. For all the Aggies who want to make a gift but don’t know how, I encourage you to contact the Foundation and find out more about your options. There are so many meaningful ways to give back to a university that’s given so much to you.

Ryan Brus '04

The giving process was super easy. It was a proud moment for me to participate in creating my legacy.

R. Scott Lord '85

The Aggie Spirit is reliant on former students passing down its importance. By directing my gift through the Foundation, I can create a more meaningful impact by affording future Texas A&M students with the same opportunities I attribute much of my success to.

Sandra Schneider '94

If you want to give back to the university, you can do so in many ways, large and small. It’s less about how much you give and more about being committed to giving something. The needs are so broad that if you just work with the experts at the Foundation, you can fashion a way to feel proud of what you do. Once you start giving, the rewards you receive in return are priceless.

William “Bill” Ouren '74

We’ve been very pleased with the whole giving process and what we’ve been able to accomplish with our assets. It’s probably one of the best things we’ve done since we’ve been married.

Missy & Skooter Halamicek

The development officers at the Foundation were incredibly helpful during the giving process. Everyone has their own way of giving back, but we believe in education as the key to success and in Texas A&M’s ability to provide success for students.

Mack Skinner '79

I love to see my donations used for the greater good. Because I love learning so much, I want to give back to those who understand the value of an education in our society.

Sheri Henricksen