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How to Make a Gift

Presented by Collin Arledge, Karen Slater ’88 and Damara Lotten

Giving is a part of human nature, and Texas A&M has an especially strong tradition of loyal former students giving back to support current and future Aggie students, faculty and staff. For first-time donors, though, philanthropy can seem daunting and even inaccessible. In this course, three Texas A&M Foundation development team members demystify the giving process one step at a time.

How to Start Giving at Texas A&M

Whether you want to grant life-changing opportunities for students through a scholarship, support a certain academic program you’re passionate about or strengthen your old department through a faculty chair, the Texas A&M Foundation is here to help you make a difference. Development officer Collin Arledge explains his role at the Foundation and how easy it is to reach out and start the giving process.

Resources For You

To get started on your giving journey, request our free Giving Guide, email us at or visit our development team website directory to connect with someone from the campus area you’re interested in supporting.

About Collin

Collin Arledge is a director of development at the Texas A&M Foundation serving the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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