August 20, 2015

Allan Marburger '60 (center) is pictured with just a few of the many Texas A&M students he has supported with endowed scholarships.

You could consider Allan Marburger '60 a big-time Aggie benefactor. In gratitude for scholarships he received more than 50 years ago, he is paying it forward through endowed scholarships for 70 Aggies each year. The 76-year-old rancher’s most recent gift brings his scholarship total to more than $1.7 million.

Texas A&M University attracts many donors like Marburger who have the means and generous spirit to fund multiple endowed scholarships. But whether you have millions or hundreds, anyone can create an endowed scholarship.

Consider these 10 benefits to funding an endowed scholarship:

  1. Help a student achieve his or her college dreams.
  2. Customize your scholarship:
    a. Name it for yourself, your family, a cherished professor or anyone you want to honor.
    b. Direct it to the program of your choice, whether it’s the Corps of Cadets, study abroad, an Endowed Opportunity Award or your favorite college.
    c. Stipulate the type of students you want, including their GPA, major, student activities, hometown or any other criteria.
  3. Make easy monthly payments through our online giving site
  4. Pay cash and give a student immediate benefits. You can give cash up front so a student receives the stipend immediately; the rest can be invested for future scholarships.
  5. Get an income-tax deduction on your charitable gift.
  6. At $25,000 or more, the Foundation invests your gift principal, which continues growing. Eventually, the interest on your investment funds annual scholarships during and after your lifetime.
  7. Fund scholarships with planned gifts such as real estate, life insurance, IRAs and gift annuities.
  8. Advance our society by helping young people become educated.
  9. Attract the best students to Aggieland. Your endowed scholarship could be the reason a student decides to attend Texas A&M.
  10. Ensure your Aggie legacy. Your endowed scholarship lives on forever at Texas A&M.

Texas A&M Foundation 
The Texas A&M Foundation is a nonprofit organization that solicits and manages investments in academics and leadership programs to enhance Texas A&M’s capability to be among the best universities.