Heeding the Call

Selfless servant Daniel Singletary '19 uses his life insurance policy to give back to tomorrow's Aggies.

Breeding Veterinary Success

Dr. Walter "Frank" Norvell ’54 shares how he became a veterinarian, marksman, pilot and supporter of Texas A&M’s Equine Genomics Research Fund.

A Taste for Travel

Avid travelers Kathy ’81 and Robert “Robby” Denton ’80 use unique planned giving ingredients to whip up a winning scholarship recipe for Aggies.

August 1, 2022

Aggieland on the Horizon

Annie ’98 and Chris Scheumack ’96 find a way to stay connected and help Aggies discover the magic of Texas A&M University.

Michele Mobley ’87 Appointed to Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees

The estate lawyer carries on a family legacy of serving Texas A&M University.

Gratitude and Service

Celebrating its 15th year of operation, the Texas A&M Foundation Maroon Coats serves as the liaison between the Foundation, donors and students.

July 6, 2022

Married to the Mission

Sally and John Cox ’81 find purpose in selflessly serving veterans, Aggies with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and any person in need.

At Your Service!

Join our passionate planned giving professionals as they guide you through every step of creating your Aggieland legacy.

Altruistic Aggie

Guided by the Aggie core values, recent law graduate Meghan Collier ’18 ’22 advocates for those who lack representation.

July 6, 2022

Creating Selfless Servants

Learn how these five service organizations are developing Aggies to serve the world around them while creating local and global impact.

Thoughtful ‘Thank-yous’

Each year, hundreds of scholarship recipients write thank-you notes to their donors to express gratitude and develop meaningful relationships.

Making Sense of Scholarships

We rounded up answers to the 10 most asked questions we receive about scholarships at Texas A&M University.

June 14, 2022