12 OPAS Shows That Brought the House Down

Celebrate 50 seasons of OPAS with a look back on its most memorable performances.

Forging a Family Atmosphere

Through a wide range of groups, new students from every background can find community and a place in Aggieland.

Father, Son and Fighter Pilots

Doug Pearson ’69 and his son, Todd Pearson ’99, have flown similar life paths with their storied United States Air Force careers.

September 20, 2022

Albers Aerospace Pledges $2.25 Million to Support Texas A&M Student Veteran Success

President and CEO John Albers ’90 sees gift as an investment in the future of the university, state and nation.

How to Create an Impactful Scholarship

Use these simple steps to create a personalized and impactful scholarship to help Aggies find their home away from home at Texas A&M.

A Maroon Mentorship

The Texas A&M Foundation’s Adopt a Scholar program connects grateful scholars with generous mentors for a meaningful Aggie experience.

September 5, 2022

A Visionary Veterinarian

Future veterinarian and Foundation Excellence Award scholar Kayla Benton ’26 learns the value of advocating for humans and animals alike.

Making Sense of Scholarships

We rounded up answers to the 10 most asked questions we receive about scholarships at Texas A&M University.

Heeding the Call

Selfless servant Daniel Singletary '19 uses his life insurance policy to give back to tomorrow's Aggies.

August 1, 2022

Breeding Veterinary Success

Dr. Walter "Frank" Norvell ’54 shares how he became a veterinarian, marksman, pilot and supporter of Texas A&M’s Equine Genomics Research Fund.

A Taste for Travel

Avid travelers Kathy ’81 and Robert “Robby” Denton ’80 use unique planned giving ingredients to whip up a winning scholarship recipe for Aggies.

Aggieland on the Horizon

Annie ’98 and Chris Scheumack ’96 find a way to stay connected and help Aggies discover the magic of Texas A&M University.

August 1, 2022