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Here are some common questions about the Texas A&M Foundation and the charitable giving process. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call at 979.845.8161 or contact us today. 

What is an endowment?

An endowment is one of the most powerful gifts you can create for Texas A&M. When you create an endowment, the Texas A&M Foundation invests your gift—along with thousands of others—in its Long-Term Investment Pool. This is a highly diversified portfolio that is managed by our Investment Office with oversight from our Board of Trustees.

As your gift is invested in our portfolio, it produces a consistent stream of annual returns that support the campus program or purpose you designate. Because we have an annually set payout rate and carefully manage our portfolio through diversification, you can rest assured that an endowment will always support Texas A&M whether the market is up or down.

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Can I make a gift to benefit a specific college, student activity or program?

Yes! Giving through the Texas A&M Foundation allows you to direct your gift for a specific purpose. For example, you may choose to fund an endowed scholarship for students from Harris County, Texas, who are studying petroleum engineering. The majority of our donors choose to direct their gifts in a specific way.

You can document the purpose of your gift in one of two ways. For a gift of $25,000 or more, the Foundation drafts a gift agreement outlining the purpose, form, schedule and administration of your gift. For smaller gifts, you may document your preference with a letter, pledge card, note on the memo line of your check or in the comments section of our online giving form.

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What is the difference between a restricted and unrestricted gift?

Unrestricted gifts have no restrictions or conditions on how they may be used so that university administrators (i.e., the president, deans, department heads) can use the funds for their top priorities. Restricted gifts have limitations or conditions on how or when the resources can be used.

For example, a donor may choose to direct a gift to faculty research in chemistry. Once documented, the Foundation and university are obligated to direct those funds as the donor specifies for the future. If or when the purpose for the gift no longer exists, the donor or Foundation may redirect the funds to a closely related purpose.

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How does the gift process work?

The gift process works as follows:

  1. Gift Agreement: We provide gift agreements for all gifts and pledges of $25,000 or more. Agreements outline the purpose, form, schedule and administration of gifts. For smaller gifts, donors may document their preferences with pledge cards, letters or notes on their checks.
  2. Convert to Cash: Non-cash gifts (securities or real estate) require special processing. The Foundation converts these gifts to cash.
  3. Deposit in Account: Every gift goes into an endowed or non-endowed operational account as specified by the donor. The Foundation disburses funds from accounts as defined by donors’ preferences.
  4. Send Receipt: We mail a receipt for every gift. Receipts provide donors with proof of their contribution.
  5. Apply Fees: We apply fees as applicable. Please note that these fees do not affect the portion of your donation considered a charitable donation for IRS receipting and Texas A&M giving totals.
  6. Disburse to Texas A&M: If the gift is non-endowed, the Foundation disburses the entire gift as designated by the donor and when requested by the university. If the gift is endowed, we invest it until it has generated enough proceeds to fund the stipend and the benefiting university office requests a disbursement.

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Are there fees associated with my gift?

The Foundation applies applicable fees to support its operations.

Additionally, to offset fees from our credit card processors, the Foundation charges a 3% fee for gifts made via credit card. Please note: These fees do not affect the portion of your donation considered a charitable donation for IRS receipting and Texas A&M giving totals.

Why does Texas A&M, a state university, need private gifts?

Texas A&M University receives approximately 19% of its total revenue budget from state appropriations, which continue to decrease on a per student basis. With increasing pressure on state budgets, the role of private support is increasingly vital to Aggieland’s future.

Decreases in state funding can cause increases in tuition, which in turn places additional financial burdens on students and families. Texas A&M benefits tremendously from philanthropy not only to maintain its affordability, but also to provide the financial means necessary for the university to excel as a world-class institution.

Is the Texas A&M Foundation a public or private institution?

The Texas A&M Foundation is a nonprofit corporation with its own Board of Trustees and president. It is not a state agency. This structure is common among public universities and results in greater effectiveness and benefits for both the university and its donors.

Who determines the Texas A&M Foundation’s fundraising priorities?

The Texas A&M University administration works closely with the Foundation’s leadership to communicate priorities and needs. These become the focus of Foundation fundraising efforts.

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What is the difference between Texas A&M University’s fundraising organizations?

Each of these private entities raises and manages different types of charitable gifts on behalf of Texas A&M.

  • The Texas A&M Foundation solicits major endowed gifts from donors who decide the specific areas at the university they want to fund.
  • The Association of Former Students raises the university’s Annual Fund, which supports both alumni and student activities, academics and traditions.
  • The 12th Man Foundation funds scholarships, programs and facilities in support of championship athletics.
  • The Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets Association promotes, preserves and perpetuates the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets by supporting former, current and future cadets.
  • The George & Barbara Bush Foundation is dedicated to preserving the legacies of President and Mrs. Bush by supporting the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum and the Bush School of Government and Public Service.

How can I request the Texas A&M Foundation’s W-9 Form?

To request the Texas A&M Foundation’s W-9 form for a campus profit share or other fundraiser, please fill out this form.