We facilitate strategic partnerships.

By maintaining a broad knowledge base of college programs, events and centers on campus, the Texas A&M Foundation’s Office of Corporate Relations facilitates strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships between corporations and foundations and Texas A&M University. We make it easier for you to engage with university resources and offer a central point of contact to facilitate campus visits and conversations with faculty and staff.

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Texas A&M is combining knowledge, research and immersive education to prepare 70,000 students to be the next generation of Aggie leaders of character. Discover how we can help you find the right talent for your organization.

1. Present at Career Fairs

Employers can attend Career Fairs and present during programs throughout the year. We can direct you to key events where you can tell interested students about your organization and application process.

2. Access the Career Center

Texas A&M University’s centralized career resources means that we can help connect you to an interest area faster. We make sure your recruiting efforts align with the right events and offices on campus.

3. Host One-on-One Meetings

We will arrange one-on-one meetings between scholarship or fellowship recipients and representatives from organizations that support those students.

4. Further Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We connect corporate diversity initiatives with those at Texas A&M. For example, we administer the Foundation Excellence Awards program, which gives scholarships to outstanding undergraduates from historically disadvantaged groups.

We love to come to Texas A&M!
It’s a special place for us. We find people who are a great fit for our company and culture. We’ve had a presence on campus for a long time and have built good relationships with many schools and departments. We definitely want to hire Aggies. Having access to students on campus helps us spread the word about our company and culture and it allows us to get to know potential candidates at the same time.
Beth Hanlon & Emiley Walker
Recruiting Manager & Recruiting and Associate Director | Sewell
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Partnering with Texas A&M is a wise investment in the future and a smart choice for your organization. Supporting Texas A&M provides value for your company by raising public awareness of your organization's mission and service. It also improves our university’s ability to attract the best faculty and students. We can help you give strategically by identifying impact areas that align with your organization’s business objectives. Learn about Texas A&M investment opportunities below.

Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Make learning and discovery possible through support of school, college and departmental initiatives.

Professorships and Scholarships

Professorships and Scholarships

Strengthen Texas A&M’s ability to offer access regardless of financial need and attract top faculty experts.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion

Support historically disadvantaged groups often underrepresented in our student body.



Corporate-sponsored research projects can take many directions, from government contracts to academic pursuits.

Capital Support and In-Kind Gifts

Capital Support
and In-Kind Gifts

You can give to build and improve learning spaces and research laboratories or donate equipment, supplies, software and subscriptions.