May 31, 2021

Bonnie and Joe Merritt have owned many cats over the years, but they agree their snow-white cat, CLEO, was one of a kind. After losing her life to cancer, the Merritts are remembering CLEO through their business and gifts to support future Aggies. 

For 17 years, CLEO followed Bonnie and Joe to their business, Buff Polish & Grind Industrial Supply Co. Inc, and sat with Bonnie in her office chair. “Her sweet personality made her the perfect companion,” Bonnie said. Unfortunately, CLEO experienced a reoccurring bout of cancer, ending their long companionship. The Merritts paid tribute to her by naming their patented white buffing product after her: CLEO’s Polishing Products. “As our product became popular, her name became part of our everyday vocabulary, growing our relationship as a result,” Joe said. “Thinking about her still makes us tear up.”