March 7, 2022

Every day at Texas A&M University, whether it be in a laboratory or digital setting, Aggies discover new innovations that push their fields forward. Many of these developments would not be possible without planned gifts that fund research across all disciplines, allowing faculty and graduate students to focus their energies on crafting new solutions for current and future issues. 

Just ask these three bright Aggies, who are honoring their donors’ legacies by studying robotics, augmented reality and environmental sustainability.  


“The generous grants and scholarships I’ve received have removed a financial burden, let me focus on my research and motivated me to pursue my passion,” Shaghaghian explained. “This endowment helped me create an AR spatial experience to integrate virtual reality into physical architectural design, blurring the line between digital and physical environments.” 

Interested in leaving a legacy that could change the world? Learn how you can support future innovators by contacting Angela Throne '03 at the bottom of this page.