October 28, 2021

During his life, longtime Aggie political science professor and Bronze Star recipient Dr. Bill Anthony ’71 planned a Sul Ross Scholarship in honor of close friends Sallye ’72 and Lt. Col. Donald “Buck” Henderson ’62.

Bill and Buck met at Texas A&M University in 1970 and quickly built a lifelong friendship. Having served in World War II as a combat medic, Bill went above and beyond to live the Aggie Core Values. This dedication carried over to his teaching years at Texas A&M. He exhibited unparalleled care for not only his fellow faculty members, but his students as well.

“Bill was like a brother to me,” Buck reminisced. “We all know how much he loved his students, who he regularly took to restaurants around town as a treat.”

Now, Bill’s current scholarship recipient, Company L-1 senior Griffin Shimkus ’22, is following in his and Buck’s military footsteps, upholding the Core Values by serving in the U.S. Army Reserves while earning his economics degree.

We asked Griffin Shimkus ’22:

What drew you to the military, and what have you learned?

I have a drive to serve and to give more than I take. I also admire how the military’s organization allows individual soldiers to make big changes in the world. I’ve led platoons of up to 50 people, which taught me leadership skills and how to manage stressful situations while maintaining positive interactions with other service members.

How has the Corps developed your professional skills?

I’ve gained leadership experience and established a very disciplined routine. We also engage in career readiness work regarding resumes, interview skills and even things
like dining etiquette. All of this has helped me develop into a well-rounded professional.

What is your favorite Aggie tradition?

The most meaningful tradition to me is Silver Taps. Especially as a member of the Corps, having all of the cadets in Academic Plaza to solemnly support our fallen Aggies and their families means a lot to me.

What are your passions and hobbies off the Quad?

Outside of the Corps, my life revolves around the outdoors and staying active. I enjoy being in nature with animals and wildlife. I also recently co-founded a financial education company, RS Financial (rsfinancial.llc), and have been working to grow its success.

How have scholarships aided your education?

Scholarships from Texas A&M donors and the Army have been very beneficial. Not worrying about the financial aspect of college has allowed me to focus on my studies and my development in the Corps. I feel blessed and proud to be the recipient of this scholarship, which rewards leadership, education and physical excellence. I’m using every opportunity presented to succeed as a professional and as a member of the U.S. Army Reserves to further honor Dr. Anthony and the Hendersons.

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