March 21, 2023

With her Ph.D. in nursing from The University of Texas at Austin in hand, Dr. Robin Page opened her diploma tube to find a surprise: a bookmark with an inspiring quote from Rabindranath Tagore. “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” 

At that moment nearly 20 years ago, Tagore’s words resonated deeply with Page. She realized that her life had been guided by service all along. “Service is joy,” she expressed. “That’s what motivates me every day.” That very idea propels Page to deliver on her promise to serve countless women in maternal health care and teach future Aggie nurses to carry on her legacy.

Although Page’s studies had been challenging, she soon faced the most daunting maternal care lesson she’d ever experienced: parenthood. While she and Walt raised their two young children, Joshua and Vanessa ’17, Page began working and researching at The University of Texas at Austin as clinical track faculty. “It was hard for my Aggie dad,” she said of her father, who earned a degree in electrical engineering and was active in the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M. “Little did we know, it would all come full circle eventually.”

That moment came 16 years later when Page seized the opportunity to lead nursing education as the director at the Texas A&M Health Science Center Round Rock campus. Page endured the daily one-hour commute from Dripping Springs to Round Rock but had her eyes set on a more research-focused career.

Her next move—to Aggieland—in 2016 was cause for Bert to whoop for joy. His daughter was in maroon territory and educating tomorrow’s Aggie nurses as an assistant professor on a tenure-track.

Making a Maternal Impact

Seven short years into her role, Page has established herself as an innovative academic, contributing significantly to the School of Nursing’s success and even receiving a 2022 Dean’s Faculty Research Excellence Award. Her research focuses on women’s health, pregnancy/postpartum, maternal mental health, intimate partner violence, Latinas/immigrants and more, leading her to establish the Program of Excellence for Mothers, Children, and Families at the Texas A&M School of Nursing. But she doesn’t conduct studies sheerly for the stats; she researches to reach those who need it most.

Honoring a Heart for Health Care

Page’s steadfast service to maternal health care extends beyond the review committee, her research and innovative programming. “Teaching and serving students warms my heart,” she said. “Training the next generation of nurses is imperative to ensuring the work we are doing has a lasting effect for future mothers.” Page also volunteers as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse each week at a local prenatal care clinic, another testament to her heart for serving mothers and babies every day.