February 25, 2016

Donating through the Texas A&M Foundation’s online giving platform is a hassle-free way to make a difference for Texas A&M in the college or program of your choice. 

Giving online is the best option for our busiest donors. For either a monthly gift payment plan or a one-time gift, online giving is a way to give 24/7, whether you are at home or on the go. Check out these four advantages of online giving:

1. Online giving is simple. Follow these easy steps to set up a new gift or process a payment today. Our online giving platform allows you to make a unique gift smoothly and efficiently.

2. Giving online is convenient. Directing your gift to a specific account allows you to choose options ranging from class gifts, to scholarships and fellowships, to student programs and more.

3. Online giving is not just for spontaneous gifts. Have you already discussed your gift with one of our development officers? Use online giving to conveniently process your payments. Not sure where to start? Talk to a development officer to come up with the best gift for you; then use online giving to make your payments.

4. An online gift is just the start. Don’t get stuck in the mindset that online gifts are only for a small or one-time donation. Here are a few statistics that show just how profitable online giving has been seen its inception. In fewer than 10 years, online giving has made great things possible at Texas A&M. As the digital age continues to grow and expand, the possibilities for online giving are endless.

Rethinking how you give? Visit the Texas A&M Foundation online giving portal today.

Texas A&M Foundation
Texas A&M Foundation is a nonprofit organization that solicits and manages investments in academics and leadership programs to enhance Texas A&M’s capability to be among the best universities.

For additional information about online giving, contact Sondra White with the Foundation at (800) 392-3310, (979) 845-8161 or swhite@txamfoundation.com