April 11, 2017

Much recent educational discussion has focused on the importance of international experiences: study abroad, world research, and the importance of cultural skills and connections in an increasingly globalized world. For students and faculty in the College of Liberal Arts, these experiences just became significantly more accessible.

Jennifer Lindsay '88

Jennifer Lindsay ’88 graduated from Texas A&M University with degrees in both economics and aerospace engineering, and earned a master’s in economics from Stanford University. Her success in the business world enabled her to name the Texas A&M Foundation as the beneficiary of her retirement account that will establish a $1 million endowment in the college. An endowment is a gift in which the principal amount is left untouched, while the resulting investment income is used for a designated purpose, such as a scholarship.

Lindsay’s gift will establish the Jennifer S. Lindsay ’88 Global Education and Interdisciplinary Studies Endowed Fund, which will provide support for study abroad opportunities; interdisciplinary programming; internships and research opportunities abroad; and funding for faculty research on global topics, including travel to conduct and present research internationally. 

“The world is quickly changing into a more interrelated and integrated global economy,” she said. “I strongly believe that our students at Texas A&M need the opportunity to engage in educational experiences outside of the United States.”

Lindsay recently retired from her position as principal at the audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG LLP office in Santa Clara, Calif., where she advised global businesses on compliance with U.S. and international regulations. Working with people around the world meant that she was constantly exposed to different cultures.


Being able to listen through the different cultural ways of communicating and to quickly react to various expectations and norms was truly honed by having a liberal arts background,” she said. “My ability to effectively do my job was heavily influenced by having a liberal arts perspective 
that enhanced my business mindset.”

The Jennifer S. Lindsay ’88 Global Education and Interdisciplinary Studies Endowed Fund will allow many opportunities for Liberal Arts students including study abroad opportunities.

Lindsay knows that a liberal arts education, particularly with a focus on global education, will enable current students to “be strong communicators, to listen with a different ear and to see problems from different perspectives.”

Lindsay’s work often involved assessing reputational and regulatory issues and making difficult decisions with her global clients. In this context, Texas A&M’s core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service also made a real difference.

“Texas A&M has been a key part of my success. The core values have been a part of my decision-making for my entire career, and they have consistently guided me,” she said. “Being a leader who serves; standing up for integrity; pushing for excellence and for respect for others—all those have come into play.”

In addition to currently serving on the Liberal Arts Development Council and the Chancellor’s Century Council, Lindsay has previously served on the Board of Directors of The Association of Former Students and as the Muster chair for the San Francisco Bay Area A&M Club, where she now resides. These experiences have created lasting ties with Aggies from all over.  

“It enriches the former student experience when you continually meet Aggies who are doing amazing things around the world,” she said. “It really reinforces the fact that Texas A&M is a special place.”

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