May 2, 2022

U.S. Army 1st Lt. Antonio “Tony” Ramos-Michael ’20 has no trouble envisioning his future: eight years of active-duty service followed by 12 years as a reservist or member of the National Guard. After completing his active-duty commitment, he’ll seek a job in government at the state or local level, or even the federal level if the right opportunity presents itself. “I like the idea of making laws or policies to help the little guy,” he observed. And when he’s a bit older, he’d like to try his hand at teaching like his father, who taught elementary school for many years. “I think it would be fun to be a high school history teacher,” he mused.


“I’m so grateful to the Bowies—to Mr. Bowie for his service to our country and to Mrs. Bowie for supporting her husband,” Ramos-Michael said. “And I’m so appreciative of the scholarship they provided. Their support, together with my ROTC scholarship, enabled me to attend college without having to work during my time on campus. Instead, I was able to accept unpaid internships, study abroad and participate in the Corps—all things that increased my understanding of public service work and enhanced my leadership skills so that I can realize my goals.”

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