August 31, 2020

Endowments created during the Lead by Example campaign.

Most Aggies are quick to declare their love for Texas A&M University and the fact that Aggieland made a lasting impact on their lives. If this describes you, you may have once wondered, “How can I leave a lasting impact on Aggieland?” One word: endowment.

While gifts of every size are meaningful, endowed gifts ensure funds to support the university forever. I know what you’re thinking: “My dad told me ‘money doesn’t grow on trees.’” Unless you’re in the timber, nursery or citrus business, your dad was correct. However, he probably didn’t go into detail about how much money can grow when it is invested.

An “investment” is exactly what an endowment is. When you create an endowment in the form of a planned gift to the Texas A&M Foundation, you are making a commitment of a specific dollar value (current minimum expectancy  $25,000) to direct your gift to support your passions in Aggieland. After your lifetime, your gift, known as the “principal,” is invested by the Foundation’s highly skilled investment team. Each year, payout from a percentage of the principal is released. This percentage is determined by long-term goals and current market conditions and is based on a rolling five-year average of the aggregate investment pool. The annual payout will support your designation, whether it be scholarships, fellowships, student activities, campus facilities or beyond. The most significant part of this process is that the investment principal is preserved, and a perpetual flow of spendable funds will support an area you designate, creating a lasting impact on Aggieland.

Endowments are critical to the Foundation’s mission to “build a brighter future for Texas A&M University, one relationship at a time,” so there is a great importance placed on the people selected to manage the Foundation’s overall endowment—which contains approximately 8,400 individual endowment accounts.

Leading the Foundation’s investment team is chief investment officer (CIO) Mike Pia. Join Mike as he dives into his team’s thought process in making each dollar count for the betterment of Texas A&M.

EnDowment Q&A With Mike Pia 
Texas A&M Foundation CIO 

Interested in using a planned gift to create an endowment? Contact Angela Throne ’03 by completing the form below.