October 20, 2023

Namesake Sterling C. Evans ’21 envisioned the Texas A&M University Libraries providing much more than books. As a steadfast supporter, who gave time, money and later gifts from his estate, he helped build a place where Aggies could obtain the resources they need to succeed. Today, Evans’ legacy lives on through Texas A&M University librarians like Julie Mosbo-Ballestro, university librarian and assistant provost, who understands the libraries’ crucial role in providing students and faculty with the means to learn and serve as he did. 

What has changed since Evans became the namesake of Aggieland’s largest library, and what has remained the same? 

Evans knew a library would foster a strong learning environment, and it still does today. When he established the Friends of the Texas A&M University Libraries in 1970 with classmate Jeff Dykes ’21, he created a legacy of promoting and appreciating Aggieland’s libraries. I think he’d be excited to see how we’ve evolved to meet students’ needs while also working with faculty to aid their research. He laid the foundation for the libraries to have a global impact, and I can confidently say his generosity has inspired Aggies to become world-changers. 

How do the libraries serve today’s Aggies? 

We give people the opportunity to read others’ stories so they can then create their own stories and have a unique impact. Aggies develop the narrative; we just make sure they have what they need to get it done. Sometimes that means providing quieter study spaces, but it also means building state-of-the-art multimedia studios and expanding Open Educational Resources to make textbooks free for students.  

How can people support the future of the libraries? 

Technology and the needs of students and faculty are ever changing. Since we serve every area of campus, not just certain majors or departments, we have the daunting task of constantly acquiring the tools people need. We strive to know what new and game-changing resources to provide, and we try to show people our libraries are more than books and study spaces—they’re also places for creativity, community and excellence.  

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