Please enjoy these videos and materials from Women, Wealth & Wisdom 2017,
a free financial and estate planning event for women of all ages and stages
hosted by the Texas A&M Foundation Office of Gift Planning.



How Undying Hope Gives Life to Possible

Meisha Brown '19
Imagine yourself beyond the horizon of your greatest difficulty. If you do not think you have encountered (seemingly) insurmountable difficulty yet, picture your greatest fear. I feel certain that hope helps us discover our own possible. The hope that we visualize gives us that extra push to keep going each day when we feel buried in hardship. The realization of our hope is as close as our mind is to our heart. This helps us to be hopeful even when we occasionally wrestle with hopelessness.

PRESENTATION: How Undying Hope Gives Life to Possible (PDF)


What Type of Legacy Are You Leaving?

Emily Stroud '96
Emily Stroud is a financial adviser and chartered financial analyst who owns and manages a boutique investment firm called Stroud Financial Management. In her keynote, Stroud will focus on how we use our time and financial resources throughout our lifetime to leave our legacy. Stroud doesn’t focus on short-term reactive financial planning, which is essentially a “financial band aid.” Instead, she uses a conversational style to teach her audience, clients and readers everything they need to know about personal finances.

HANDOUT: Legacy Planning (PDF)
PRESENTATION: Morning Keynote (PDF)


Zika Virus: What Every Woman Should Know

Dr. Carrie Byington
This mosquito-borne virus is dominating headlines with its scary advance into the United States and potentially devastating consequences for pregnant women and their babies. Improve your understanding of Zika and learn how to protect yourself from Dr. Carrie Byington ’85, a national leader in pediatrics and infectious disease.


Live Life by Design, Not by Default: Creating Your M.A.P.

Lauren Paine '13
We all have dreams and aspirations – whether they are financial, career-oriented or personal – the question is, how do we achieve those goals and synergistically connect them to our “why” in life? To live life by design, not by default, you must create a Master Action Plan. Your M.A.P. is your comprehensive roadmap to your chosen destinations.

HANDOUT: Master Action Plan (PDF)
PRESENTATION: Live Life by Design (PDF)


Money Mojo-Dojo

Candace Avila
In my work as a life coach, it is rare for me to meet a woman who doesn’t have limiting beliefs around money. Whether you have just enough money or all the money you desire depends upon your money mojo! Uncover the beliefs you have about money that are holding you back and discover how to dissolve them so that you can create the life you really want. You'll also learn how to create an actionable money plan that you can implement immediately to get results.

HANDOUT: Uncovering Your Limiting Beliefs Around Money (PDF)


Social Security: With You Through Life's Journey

Sheryl Schroeder
Social security touches your life, no matter where you are on life’s journey. Whether you just had a baby or started planning for retirement, social security is there for you and your family. Through this presentation, women will gain a deeper understanding of the programs within social security and how to obtain benefits. Regardless of where you are on life’s journey, join Sheryl to gain an understanding of how social security can help you and your family find financial security. 

HANDOUT 1: Five Things Every Woman Should Know (PDF)
HANDOUT 2: With You Through Life's Journey (PDF)
PRESENTATION: Social Security (PDF)


We Really Should Consider Dying Without an Estate Plan (Government Knows Best)

Glenda Clausell '93
Now that we are all in agreement that our government and courts know best, here are some reasons why we should really consider dying without an estate plan:
(1) Courts can do a much better job of deciding how to disburse our assets than we can; (2) Courts can choose a more caring guardian or trustee for minor children or grandchildren than we can; (3) Courts can choose a better personal representative to handle our estate during probate than we can; (4) Our grieving loved ones will really enjoy paying additional legal fees and court costs than would otherwise be necessary; and (5) Government will use our estate tax dollars more efficiently than our favorite charity. Let's talk....


Sudden Money: Managing a Financial Windfall

Darleen Gilmore
From inheritances and divorce to insurance settlements and retirement payouts, the largest transfer of wealth in the history of America is now taking place. For some, this welcome event is relatively stress-free. But for those who are inexperienced in dealing with a much larger sum of money than they are used to, they won’t know how best to handle it. 
Ever wonder why lottery winners and entertainers who become multimillionaires overnight find their fortunes dwindle quickly, and soon they are left with nothing —or even worse—bankrupt? In this workshop, we will discuss the three sequential phases and the process that you should take when experiencing “sudden money.”


Work Smart Workshop

Katie Stober '05 and Heather Wheeler
TAMU Women's Resource Center

Created for working women, Work Smart is an interactive workshop that teaches you to evaluate, negotiate and articulate your worth confidently in the job market. Our facilitators lead discussions on the gender pay gap and its personal effects, while small group activities and role play exercises give you the opportunity to create and perfect your persuasive salary pitches. You learn objective research and benchmarking skills to establish an equitable target salary, whether you are striving for a promotion, asking for a raise or negotiating a new salary.

Contact the Texas A&M University Women's Resource Center to attend a Work Smart Workshop.

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