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The Veterinary Emergency Team is the largest and most sophisticated veterinary medical disaster response team in the country. They serve our state and nation by developing and providing cutting-edge emergency management education, through the development of new knowledge in emergency preparedness education and response, and building on the legacy of service that is at the heart of Texas A&M University.

The VET is equipped with a mobile and self-sufficient veterinary triage trailer. However, the VET must be more mobile and able to change locations at a much more rapid pace. The VET also needs to advance its educational efforts by building a facility for training and adding to its faculty and staff.

Contributing to the VET makes you a valuable part of the team working to provide the best in emergency response to animals in the state of Texas.


Support an endowed fund and/or give operating support for the Veterinary Emergency Team

The organization has maintained an aggressive outreach program aimed at transferring emergency preparedness and response knowledge to the citizens, veterinarians and emergency response officials of the State of Texas. The VET also offers a required rotation for fourth-year veterinary students— the nations only required clinical educational experience in veterinary medical emergency preparedness and response. Endowed gifts of $25,000 or more will allow this program to exist in perpetuity and will support the program’s growth, reach and impact in times of distress, such as Hurricane Harvey. To support the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and learn about endowment opportunities, contact Chastity Carrigan.


  • On a Mission

    The aim of the VET is to provide
    veterinary medical support for
    animals in disaster situations.
  • Critical Response

    The VET plays a critical role in ensuring that animals impacted by disaster have a second chance at life.
  • Committed to Care

    Fully equipped to provide veterinary care from triage and treatment of injured animals to working with community animal shelter partners, the VET provides animals and their owners hope for happy endings.
  • Emergent Education

    The Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team provides the nation’s only required clinical educational experience in veterinary medical emergency preparedness and response. Cutting edge techniques are used to create an exceptional educational environment for students. Partnerships with county officials provide the opportunity to teach students topics and skills that extend far beyond veterinary medicine.


Chastity Carrigan

Senior Director of Development

Phone: (979) 845-9043

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