Executive Council

Ashley Read '22

Houston, TX | Vice President
Ashley Read is a mechanical engineering honors student from Houston, Texas. She is a Brown Foundation and President’s Endowed Scholar pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. She is involved in both the Engineering and University Honors Programs and is a proud member of the Texas A&M Waterski Team. In her free time, Ashley participates in a Bible study, Engineers Without Borders and Horizons Consulting Guild. During her time on campus, she has also been involved with the REACH Project, The Big Event and has studied abroad in Italy. After graduation, Ashley plans to work in management consulting and volunteer with Engineers Without Borders.

Caitlin Garcia '22

Thorndale, TX | President
Caitlin is a first-generation college student and Aggie from Thorndale, Texas. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication on the pre-law track, double minoring in philosophy and French, and earning a Certificate in Strategic Communication. She is a member of the Chi Omega sorority and a development director for the MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference. In 2019-2020, Caitlin served as Miss Teen of America. She is also a leader for Grace Bible Church’s Connect Team. Following graduation, Caitlin plans to diversify her knowledge in the field of education, to later seek a Juris Doctorate degree in education law and policy. She hopes to become an education litigation attorney and personally aid administrations of the public school system.

Travis Cantwell '22

Austin, TX | Director of External Affairs
Travis is a second-generation Aggie pursuing a degree in business honors and finance with a minor in economics. While he now calls Austin, Texas, home, he grew up in a small town north of Dallas. On campus, Travis has enjoyed being a co-chair for Fish Aides, the director for the Leadership Initiative Conference, a member of the Horizons Consulting Guild and a peer leader for the Freshman Business Initiative. Following graduation, Travis hopes to work at the intersection of finance and public policy. He enjoys reading, running and good conversations.

Kathryn Patrick '22

Cypress, TX | Director of Internal Affairs
Born and raised in Cypress, Texas, Katie is a first generation Aggie and student in the Business Honors Program and Professional Program in Accounting. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and master’s in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Mays Business School. During her time at Texas A&M, Katie has served as the Songfest chair, academic development chair, and assistant new member educator for Tri-Delta, as a peer leader for the Business Honors Program, as a staff assistant for The Big Event, as the outreach coordinator the Gilbert Leadership Conference, and as a counselor at Pine Cove. Additionally, she has participated in the Business Fellows Program and the MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference. In her free time, Katie loves playing pickleball and tennis, running, and spending time with her friends and family. Following graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in the business field in a capacity that allows her to benefit, encourage, and advocate for others.

Sarah Sriram '22

Waco, TX | Director of Marketing
Sarah was born and raised in Waco, Texas, and is pursuing a degree in Business Honors with a minor in Biology. She is following the non-traditional business and pre-medicine route towards her dream of becoming a physician. While at Texas A&M, Sarah has been very involved in the Business Honors Program, serving for two years as a peer leader and risk coordinator. Sarah is a member of Group XXXIX of the Business Fellows Program, a premier undergraduate professional program within Mays Business School. She is also a member of the sorority Tri Delta, the Mays Medical Guild, and a past member of the Texas A&M Collegiate Waterski Team. Sarah is an active student researcher on campus, currently working with the Center for Health Organization Transformation (CHOT). She has completed two other research projects in collaboration with the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. In her free time, Sarah works as a fitness team member at the Tone 360 Fitness Studio and an avid volunteer with the CHI St. Joseph Regional Hospital.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Claire Preston '22

Abilene, TX
Claire is from Abilene, Texas and is a first-generation Aggie. She came to Texas A&M University to study Animal Science-Science Option and has been a proud Aggie since calling Texas A&M home her sophomore year. She is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta where she serves as the Creative Recruitment Director on the Executive Recruitment Board and has led as a New Member Leader for the member class. A valuable part of her time at Texas A&M has included serving as a Breakaway volunteer on the Greeter Team and as an IMPACT counselor. Through Claire’s involvement in the College of Agriculture as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, she has the pleasure of working with students and guiding them to academic success. Claire attends First Baptist Church in College Station and also enjoys mentoring younger students through ministry opportunities. Claire has spent her summers as a family and children’s camp counselor for Pine Cove Camps and is thankful for the relationships and experiences that have changed her life. Claire plans to attend medical school in pursuit of pediatric medicine and continue her passion of serving families.

Guillermo Salinas '22

Laredo, TX
Memo is a second-generation Aggie from Laredo, Texas. He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness on a pre-law track. He is a member of the Corps of Cadets in Squadron 17, a member of the Ross Volunteer Company, and works as a student employee for the Corps Logistics Office. Off the quad, Memo was a member of FLEX, and is currently a member of Old Army Gentleman’s Society. He served as a Junior Yell Leader, and will be returning to serve as a Senior Yell Leader for the 2021 - 2022 school year. Upon graduation, Memo is seeking to attend law school and earn a J.D.

College of Architecture

Colin Lantz '21

San Antonio, TX
Colin is a first-generation Aggie from San Antonio, Texas. He is pursuing a master’s in fine arts in visualization. As an undergrad, Colin earned his bachelor’s degree in visualization in the College of Architecture. While at Texas A&M, he has served as the publicity director of Aggie Replant as well as a member of the freshman leadership organization, Fish Aides. Colin has participated as a delegate in the Spencer Leadership Conference and as a member of the Aggie Men’s Club. Upon graduation, he aspires to work in the animation industry for a motion picture studio.

College of Engineering

Jessica Johnson '22

Plano, TX
Jessica is a second-generation Aggie from Plano, Texas, majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in Spanish. She is a Brockman Scholar, and she will continue her education at Texas A&M to earn a Master of Science in Business upon completion of her bachelor’s degree as part of this scholarship program. She has been involved with Texas A&M National Scholar Ambassadors, where she currently serves as the vice president. Jessica also has the privilege of working as an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Grunlan’s Biomaterials Lab. She hopes to use her research, study abroad and internship experience to make a difference in the medical device industry upon graduation, helping those in areas without health care acquire access to necessary medical technology.

Jonathan Waterman '22

Frisco, TX
Jon is a second-generation Aggie and Brockman Scholar from Frisco, TX. He is pursuing a double degree in computer science with honors and applied mathematics with an emphasis in statistics and a minor in astrophysics. On campus, he is a director for TAMU Datathon, an active member of the Student Engineers’ Council, and plays percussion in the University Symphonic Winds concert band. He also enjoys serving as a Fish Camp counselor, competing with the A&M Club Swim Team, and has participated in Freshman and Sophomore Leadership Organizations. After graduating, he plans to earn an M.S. business degree before applying his internship experience and passion for problem solving and mathematics within quantitative finance, management consulting, or software development.

Shikhar Baheti '22

Jaipur, India
Shikhar is a first-generation Aggie pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is earning a certificate in Holistic Leadership. Born in Jaipur, India he graduated from high-school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a student at Texas A&M, he has been involved with The Big Event, Student Engineers' Council, MSC Aggie Leaders of Tomorrow, MSC Fall Leadership Conference, MSC Spencer Leadership Conference, and the Zachry Leadership Program. In his free time, Shikhar loves playing baseball, participating in hackathons, and spending time with his friends and family. Following graduation, he plans on pursuing a career as a software engineer.

Theron McAdoo '22

Golden, CO
Theron is a first generation Aggie from Golden, Colorado and is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He started his time at Aggieland as a fish in the Corps of Cadets and a member of FORME. He now serves as the First Sergeant of Squadron 17, a member of the Ross Volunteer Company, he works as a student employee, and is involved in the Aggie Club of Engineers. Upon graduation, Theron plans to earn an MBA in order to help him pursue a career in business leadership within the engineering industry.

College of Geosciences

Johann Dube '21

Aledo, TX
Johann is a fourth-generation Aggie from Aledo, Texas, pursuing a degree in Geographic Information Science and Technology with a focus in Earth Systems Analysis. Johann has been involved with the Corps of Cadets in Company A-1, where he served as the Guidon Bearer and First Sergeant, as well as the Commanding Officer of the Ross Volunteer Company. He works under the College of Engineering as an undergraduate research assistant in partnership with the College of Geosciences and Corps of Cadets on the Veteran’s Legacy Memorial. In his free time, he is often found rock climbing or preparing for an adventure. Upon graduation, Johann hopes to work with geospatial technologies in high alpine environments.

College of Liberal Arts

Annie Wagner '22

Dallas, TX
Annie is a third generation Aggie from Dallas, Texas. She is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a focus on Work and Organizations, while earning a minor in Business. During her time at Texas A&M, Annie has served as the Director and Operations Coordinator of the Gilbert Leadership Conference, a Rho Gamma Recruitment Counselor and a volunteer for Breakaway Ministries. Additionally she is a part of Mays Business Fellows Group XXXIX and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority. Off campus, she serves as a member of the Connect Team for Grace Bible Church. Annie spent the last eleven summers at Camp Nakanawa for Girls in Crossville, TN and still enjoys the countless friendships she made throughout her time as both a camper and counselor. Upon graduation, Annie plans to pursue a career in organization change management or human capital consulting.

Caroline Winslow '22

Dallas, TX
Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Caroline is a first-generation Aggie and a student in the Honors Communication program. She is pursuing a certificate in Strategic Communication as well as a minor in Business. During her time at A&M, Caroline has had the privilege of attending the Gilbert Leadership Conference and Abbott Family Leadership Conference as a delegate. She has served as a Staff Assistant for The Big Event, as a member of the TAMU Communication Honors Advisory Board, and as a member of Connect Team at Grace Bible Church. Caroline is a member of Chi Omega, where she has served as New Member Educator and currently serves as President. She has spent her summers at Sky Ranch Camps serving in various leadership roles. Following graduation, she hopes to work in non-profit consulting or in public relations.

Catherine Joseph '23

Willow Park, TX
Catherine is a third-generation Aggie from Aledo, TX. She is a sophomore student pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communications and a minor in Psychology. While at A&M, Catherine has been a part of the leadership organizations Fish Aides and MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference. She was on staff for the Gilbert Leadership Conference and The Big Event. She has served on the campaign committee for 5 For Yell and is a member for Chi Omega where she now serves as the secretary. During her free time, she loves to travel, listen to music, and spend time with her friends and family. Catherine has spent the last 6 summers pursuing her passion by volunteering at a camp for children with special needs. Upon graduation, Catherine hopes to continue her education and become a counselor for families that have special needs children.

Eric Mendoza '22

Houston, TX
Eric is a second-generation Aggie from Clear Lake, Texas, pursuing both his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Master of Science in Finance. Eric currently serves as the Student Body President of Texas A&M University, and the President of the Chancellor’s Student Advisory Council for the Texas A&M University System. While on-campus, he has served three terms in the Student Senate where he chaired the Student Services Committee, Legislative Affairs Committee, and served as the Speaker of the Student Senate; was a member of the Freshman Leadership Organization, ASSIST; a delegate on the Spring Leadership Exchange Program with our Texas A&M University-Qatar campus; spent time as a campus Muster host and Career Closet volunteer; has been named to various university-level appointments including the President’s Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and the Presidential Search Advisory Committee; and has been recognized by the Association of Former Students as a Buck Weirus Spirit Award recipient. Eric is dedicated to civic engagement and public policy and hopes to work in the Washington, D.C. area after graduation.

Grace Vaughn '23

Katy, TX
Grace is a second-generation Aggie from Katy, Texas. She is a sophomore pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Russian. At Texas A&M, she currently serves as the guidon bearer for her unit in the Corps of Cadets, is a member of a women’s organization called Ryllies, and acts as the reunion class liaison for the Aggie Muster Committee. Additionally, she works on campus for the Department of Student Activities. Upon graduation, Grace plans to become a certified paralegal with hopes of using her experience in law and psychology to become a consultant in criminal law.

Narius Nedd '23

Houston, TX
Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Narius Nedd is a second-year student pursuing an undergraduate degree in International studies. At Texas A&M, Narius serves as the Community Coordination Chairman of the NAACP, the Vice President of the Society of International Studies, and works with The Red Cross as a Youth Action Coordinator. Additionally, Narius loves playing basketball, watching documentaries, and learning different languages. His involvement in various organizations in and out of Aggieland, has led him to have a strong interest in the lives and welfare of others. Upon graduation, he plans to attend law school where he hopes to use his skills and degree to become a politician.

Sydney Ramon '23

McAllen, TX
Sydney is a first generation Aggie from McAllen, TX, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with a minor in Communication. During her time at Texas A&M, Sydney has served on the Legislative Relations Commission where she has authored multiple bills to advocate for improvements within higher education. Additionally, she has been a member of the freshman leadership organization, Fish Aides; the 72nd Session of the Texas A&M Student Senate; and works as the Strategic Communication Intern for the Texas A&M Office of Government Relations where she supports the universities legislative initiatives through digital advocacy. Off-campus, Sydney is a TEDx Speaker and the Executive Director of a youth-led community organization, The RGV Matters which focuses on empowering young people in border communities. Upon graduation, Sydney hopes to continue combining her passion for higher education, advocacy and communication.

College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

Bridget Higgins '22

San Antonio, TX
Bridget is a first-generation Aggie and Brockman Scholar, pursuing a degree in biomedical sciences with a minor in leadership and a certificate in biomedical research and development. At Texas A&M, she serves as a member of Traditions Council, Texas A&M Emergency Care Team, BUILD and works at Dutch Bros Coffee in town. Bridget is also a team leader for research at Texas A&M in collaboration with ARP, BRC and the Michael E. DeBakey Institute. Above all, Bridget is a relentless optimist who actively seeks out opportunities to serve internationally by providing solvency to pressing humanitarian issues around the globe. Upon graduation, she plans to earn an M.S. in Business before continuing on to medical school where she has sights set on serving as an ER physician within the U.S. Air Force’s Critical Care Air Transport teams.

Abby Trangsrud '23

Flower Mound, TX
Abby is a third generation Aggie from Flower Mound, Texas pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Spanish. After graduating, she will be pursuing an M.S. Business degree through her scholarship program. Abby is an active member of her church Restoration, where she enjoys serving as a greeter and leading a Missional Community Group. In the past, she was a delegate for the Abbott Family Leadership Conference and an Impact Counselor. She is a member of Philadelphia Sisters and actively serves with S.O.S. ministries. She dreams of pursuing a career in Speech Language Pathology with a focus in education and relief in developing countries. Some things that excites Abby the most are traveling and learning new things.

Marta Pulfer '24

Wayne, NE
Marta is a first-generation Aggie from Wayne, Nebraska, currently pursuing a doctor of veterinary medicine degree. During her time as an undergraduate student at A&M, she performed undergraduate research in the Wooley Research Group, served as president for the Texas A&M Dairy Science Club, attended the Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership Program in Poland, won the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge, and participated in a semester exchange program to the UK. Currently, she is a member of Texas A&M National Scholars Ambassadors, Bovine Practitioners, and Student American Veterinary Medical Association. Through these experiences in and out of Aggieland, she has found passions in animal welfare and global sustainable agriculture, which she hopes to carry into a future career in the production animal medicine field.

Mays Business School

Aabid Razvi '23

College Station, TX
Aabid is a third-generation Aggie from College Station, Texas pursuing degrees in Business Honors, and Finance with a minor in Cybersecurity and a certificate in Intelligence. During his time at Texas A&M, Aabid has enjoyed leading the COVID-19 Small Business Response Team, peer leading in the Business Honors Program, participating in Gilbert Leadership Conference, and being a member of Fish Aides and the Business Student Council. He enjoys traveling, politics, Aggie football, and playing basketball in his free time. In the future, Aabid hopes to be a judge on a federal court and impact policy in that way.

Annie Notzon '23

San Antonio, TX
Annie is a second-generation Aggie from San Antonio, Texas, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Honors and Finance. On campus, Annie enjoys being a member of Chi Omega and the friendships she has collected and cultivated. Formerly, she served as a peer leader for the Business Honors program, a development committee member for The Big Event, a delegate for the MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference and the Gilbert Leadership Conference, a member of Fish Aides, and served as a counselor for T Bar M Camps. Off campus, Annie loves to serve as a Sunday school teacher for Grace Bible Church Creekside and is a soccer coach for 2 year olds. Looking forward, Annie hopes to use her degree to serve in the nonprofit sector while continuing to foster deeply rooted connections in her community.

Kristin Guzak '21

Frisco, TX
Kristin Guzak is a senior business management major from Frisco, Texas. As a member of Tri Delta, she has served as intramural chair and Panhellenic delegate for diversity and inclusion. She has been part of The Big Event for her 4 years at Texas A&M, serving as a volunteer, staff assistant, committee member and currently as the director. Outside of organization involvement, she has been a volunteer softball coach for a local private school and works part time for a babysitting company in College station. Kristin enjoys all outdoors activities especially hiking and snowboarding. She plans to pursue a career in business management consulting with plans to one day have her own nonprofit organization.

Cole McCabe '23

Dallas, TX
Cole is a first-generation Aggie from Dallas, Texas, pursuing a Finance degree through Mays Business School. While at Texas A&M, Cole has served on the recruitment committee for The Big Event, been involved with the Abbott Family Leadership Conference, the Gilbert Leadership Conference, and Fish Aides. He is also a proud member of the Aggie Men’s Club. Off campus, Cole works closely with East West Ministries International doing consulting work for missionary start-ups overseas. Cole enjoys golf, reading, road trips with friends and Andy’s frozen custard. After earning a degree, Cole plans to pursue a career in consulting or commercial real estate before ultimately working in the non-profit sector at the crossroads of business and international missions.

Sunjay Letchuman '22

Shreveport, LA
Sunjay is a first-generation Aggie and a business honors major from Shreveport, Louisiana. After graduating, he will attend the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, and he hopes to work in the field of health care policy as a physician. Sunjay loves politics, and he currently serves as the president of Texas A&M Moderates. Beyond being politically active on campus, he participates in biomedical research aimed at ameliorating spinal cord injury through the use of stem cells. He also conducts health policy research at the business school. Outside of class, Sunjay enjoys writing articles for his health policy blog titled “Caring for Healthcare,” and he enjoys meeting new people every day.

Jaevin Reed '20

Frisco, TX
Jaevin is a first-generation Aggie from Frisco, Texas. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing with minors in sports management and tourism management. Outside of Maroon Coats, she competes as a sprinter and five-time All-American for the Texas A&M Track and Field team. Jaevin currently participates in Sales Club and Texas A&M Athlete’s Emerging Leaders Program. She enjoys spending her free time serving with the Student Athlete Advisory Council and Mission of Hope: Aggies for Haiti. Upon graduating, Jaevin plans to pursue a career in sales or hospitality.

William Langenbahn '22

Boerne, TX
Will is a second-generation Aggie from Boerne, Texas. He is earning a Business Management degree with minors in Sports Management and Coaching. During his time at A&M, Will has served as the philanthropy chair on the executive council for Aggie Men’s Club, staff assistant for The Big Event, program director for Freshman Leaders in Christ (FLiC), counselor for Impact Camps, and a youth football coach for Central Baptist Sports. Additionally, Will has been involved in the MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference, Mays Strategic Philanthropy, Breakaway Ministries, Grace Kids, Pioneer’s Friday Church, and the Baptist Student Ministry. Currently, Will is the defensive backs coach at Brazos Christian School in Bryan. Will spends his summers as a cashier at H-E-B and as a counselor at Kanakuk. Upon graduation, Will plans to either further his career in coaching or pursue a career in management consulting.