Through a generous gift from Susanne and Melbern Glasscock ’59 and other former trustees, the Texas A&M Foundation Trustees’ Outstanding Student Award was established to provide public recognition and a minimum $2,500 monetary award to outstanding graduating seniors at Texas A&M.

Recipients of the award have distinguished themselves in a variety of ways but are primarily judged on their achievements while overcoming personal or family financial challenges. Candidates for the award demonstrate financial need and have received one or more scholarships funded through the Texas A&M Foundation. The award is intended to give recipients a boost in the next phase of their lives after graduation.

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  • Courtney Eeds '22

    Courtney Eeds ’22 received the Trustees’ Outstanding Student Award in 2022. During her time in Aggieland, she was a member of the Corps of Cadets and the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band and served on Texas A&M’s Traditions Council.

  • Anna Fedewa ’22

    Katy native Anna Fedewa ’22 was a 2022 recipient of the award. A special education graduate, she helped develop Aggie ACHIEVE and participated in the Public Policy Internship Program.

  • Caitlin Garcia ’22

    Communications graduate Caitlin Garcia ’22 received the award in 2022. She participated in Chi Omega Sorority and the MSC Abbott Family Leadership Conference and served as a Texas A&M Foundation Maroon Coat.

  • Jabreon Jackson '21

    Caldwell native Jabreon Jackson ’21 was a recipient of the Trustees’ Outstanding Student Award in 2021. She spread her wings by participating in numerous organizations, such as EXCEL, the A&M Photography Club, the Lacrosse Club and Fish Camp.

  • Nathaniel Lies ’21

    Nathaniel Lies ’21 was a 2021 recipient of the award. He helped blaze a trail among the first cohort of undergraduates in the new major of Materials Science and Engineering.

  • Marco Solarte ’21

    Student veteran Marco Solarte ’21 received the award in 2021. During his time at Texas A&M, the engineering major served his fellow veterans by working in the Veterans Services Office.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Demonstrated financial need.
  • Recipient of a scholarship funded through the Texas A&M Foundation.
  • Minimum GPR of 3.0.
  • Completed at least two-thirds of degree requirements while enrolled at Texas A&M University.
  • Leadership position in one or more Texas A&M student organizations (academic clubs such as Student Engineers’ Council, The Big Event, Corps of Cadets, etc.) or participation in a nationally- or state-recognized student organization or non-Texas A&M service group (animal shelter, crisis hotline, church, etc.)

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Former Recipients

The following individuals are previous recipients of the Trustees’ Outstanding Student Award:

  • Courtney Eeds ’21, Anna Fedewa ’22 and Caitlin Garcia ’22 (2022)
  • Jabreon Jackson ’21, Marco Solarte ’21 and Nathaniel Lies ’21 (2021)
  • Isolde Parrish ’20 (2020)
  • Cooper Cox ’18, Kylie Reis ’19 and Amy Sharp ’19 (2019)
  • Amanda Cheek ’18 and Taryn Wenske ’18 (2018)
  • Brenda Castillo ’17 and Joshua Sutton ’17 (2017)
  • Sarah Knop ’16 (2016)
  • Minhtuan Nguyen ’14 (2015)
  • Mollie Lastovica ’14 (2014)
  • Shahrum Iqbal ’12 (2013)