Due to the restrictions and concerns caused by COVID-19 some accommodations are available for those who need them. Please note though that in order to serve our purpose and mission we are transitioning back into an area of in-person service. With that service, as a Maroon Coat there comes an expectation that members are present and available in the Bryan/College Station area to fulfill this role effectively and purposefully. If this a concern for you, please reach out to mcexternal@txamfoundation.com by January 18th for further discussion and optional accommodation.

Maroon Coats Application 2021

Please submit a professional headshot of yourself. This should be an individual shot of you - please do not include any other individuals in the photo (including partially cropped individuals, pets, etc). Please ensure you have the picture oriented correctly before uploading. The file can be in either PNG or JPG format and must be a maximum of 4MB in size.

Please separate your resume information into each corresponding box below using a standard resume format with activities and corresponding details. Please follow a numbered, bulleted, or dashsed list format with each activity on a separate line (can be copied/pasted from your current resume). Only include activities that have occurred since the start of your undergraduate college career (which may include summer activities/jobs). Please do not double count involvement/service/leadership in different categories.

Include any relevant roles leading organizations, committees, organizational activities, other involvement, etc. Limit response to 400 words.
(See Example)

Include any roles or experiences, not included in leadership, that are service oriented. Limit response to 400 words.
(See Example)

Include any other jobs, organizations, duties, experiences, etc. that you think provide relevant insight to your ability to serve as a Maroon Coat. Limit response to 400 words.
(See Example)

List and describe any relevant awards and experiences. Limit response to 400 words.
(See Example)

Describe an experience or leadership role in which you were able to use your passions and skills to serve others. Limit response to 400 words.

An old saying has followed Texas A&M for decades: "From the outside looking in, you can't understand it. And from the inside looking out, you can't explain it." Using your Aggie story, what would you share with a high school applicant to help explain how A&M has impacted you? Limit response to 400 words.

Application closes at 5:00 pm on Monday, January 25, 2021.

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