Texas A&M University is committed to creating an environment in which faculty feel inspired and enabled to reach their full potential through academic freedom.

A strong faculty backbone is critical to ensuring that Texas A&M continues to deliver the best educational experience for all Aggies. Top-notch faculty members attract not only other superb professors but also superb students.

Through an endowed gift to the Texas A&M Foundation, you can help attract high-quality faculty to the university, increase retention, and enhance creativity and productivity. Because state funds cover only basic faculty requirements, private support is more critical than ever.

You can invest in faculty on campus in the following ways:

Create a Chair

An endowed chair is an elite academic position held only by top professors. The endowed funds generate an annual income to pay for a professor’s research, travel costs and the salaries of his or her graduate assistants. While the endowment size varies by college, the minimum endowment for most chairs is $1 million.

Chair names are part of a professor’s title and most bear the name of the donor or the name of someone the donor honors. The professor is referred to as the holder of the chair.

  • Research Powerhouse

    Texas A&M is the first university in the state to surpass the $1 billion mark in total annual research expenditures.

  • Dr. Timothy Jacobs

    Dr. Timothy Jacobs (center) is the Steve Brauer Jr. ’02 Faculty Fellow in the J. Mike Walker ’66 Department of Mechanical Engineering.

  • Research Expenditures

    Texas A&M reported $1.131 billion in research expenditures for fiscal year 2020.

  • Dr. Bani Mallick

    Dr. Bani Mallick holds the Susan M. Arseven ’75 Chair in Data Science and Computational Statistics in the College of Science.

Establish a Professorship

An endowed professorship honors an outstanding professor. The endowed funds generate an annual income from which expenses such as the professor’s research, his graduate assistants and travel costs are paid. Although the minimum gift amount varies by college, most professorship endowments are between $300,000 and $500,000.

Professorship names are similar to chair names and are part of the professor’s title, and most bear the name of the donor or that of someone the donor wishes to honor. The professor is referred to as the holder of the professorship.

Endow a Fellowship

A faculty fellowship is another method to honor an outstanding faculty member. Although the minimum endowment amount varies by college, most faculty fellowships begin at $150,000. Faculty fellowships bearing the name of the donor are part of the faculty member’s title.


Create a University Professorship for Teaching Excellence

These professorships are conferred upon the university’s most distinguished teachers who have exhibited excellence and devotion to the education of undergraduate students at Texas A&M. Each three-year appointment carries an annual salary supplement of $5,000 as well as annual discretionary income to support the recipient’s teaching program and related professional development.

The minimum endowment for a university professorship for teaching excellence is $150,000.The named professorships are part of the recipient’s title.

Establish a Center for Teaching Excellence Fund

A teaching excellence endowed fund honors a faculty member who is exploring new methods of teaching. The minimum gift for a teaching excellence endowed fund is $25,000.

Start the Conversation

Faculty play a crucial role in Texas A&M’s land-grant mission by enhancing the university’s academic environment through exceptional teaching and research. Let us know today if you’re interested in supporting great minds at work, and we’ll connect you with an appropriate team member.