Estate And Gift Planning Kit

Start planning for tomorrow today.

Creating an estate and gift plan can achieve a lasting impact. People who create an estate plan are usually amazed at how easily it can be completed. On average, Americans work 40 years to accumulate assets and spend 10 years conserving what was earned. Then they don't spend any time planning for the distribution of those assets. If you take time to create an estate plan, you can distribute your assets to loved ones and organizations as you wish. The basic document in any such plan is a will (some plans also include a trust).

Don't be intimidated by the prospect of creating a will. It's about as simple as writing a letter. A well-written will tells the world what is important to you. It affirms your hopes and protects loved ones and cherished causes. The most complicated part of preparing a will is taking the first step: deciding to do it.

We would like to send you an Estate and Gift Planning Kit. This helpful information may enable you to avoid an accidental disinheritance and provide for yourself, your family and your favorite causes.

You can use our estate and gift planning workbook, "Planning for Your Future" to record your family information and your estate distribution plans.

Please request your Estate and Gift Planning Kit today.

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