The Pages of History

Cushing Memorial Library and Archives has a past as storied as its collections.


We asked: Do you have a fond memory of the old Texas A&M Creamery? Here are the responses!

The Aggie Apollo Apostle

One man’s quest to send a Bible to the moon.

Lights, Camera, Aggies!

From “A Few Good Men” to “Monsters, Inc.,” discover Aggies’ unexpected impacts on the silver screen.

Blast From the Past: 10 Student Orgs of Yesteryear

Travel back in time to explore these one-of-a-kind student organizations from Aggie days past.

A Walk to Remember

Elephant Walk, one of Texas A&M University’s oldest traditions, has inspired seniors to reflect on their time in Aggieland for nearly a century.


We asked: Where was your favorite local or campus hangout as a student? Here are the responses!

Next Stop: Aggieland!

In 1883, the College Station train depot became an official gateway to campus for thousands of Aggies.

The Origin of Ol’ Sarge

The iconic Ol’ Sarge character celebrates 85 years.

Beyond the Legend

Doug Vorpahl ’80 donates several photos and documents unveiling some of the legendary life of Dr. E. King Gill ’24.

Hullabaloo on the Moon

Nearly 50 years ago, the Aggie Spirit traveled to the moon when “The Aggie War Hymn” played as a wake-up call for the Apollo 17 crew.


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Taking Shape

Though the all-Corps Block T tradition has been held sporadically since 1915, its history speaks to the Corps of Cadets’ unity and ingenuity.

From the Roots Up

Aggieland’s deep land-grant roots tell a story of a compelling past and provide growth for Texas A&M University’s exciting future.

The Act of Seeking Education

How the Land-Grant College Act of 1862 established 69 universities across the country and opened the door for the public to achieve higher education.

There's a Secret Can Ne'er Be Told

Check out these little-known facts and suspicions about Aggieland buildings past and present.

12 OPAS Shows That Brought the House Down

Celebrate 50 seasons of OPAS with a look back on its most memorable performances.

Good Bull

Located in the Memorial Student Center, the Centennial Carvings tell the story of Texas A&M University’s first 100 years. Carved by Susan and Rodney Hill, the pieces aim to connect Aggies past, present and future.

Soldier, Statesman, Knightly Gentleman

The oldest Texas honor guard and drill team of its kind, the Ross Volunteer Company has created and upheld cherished Aggie traditions for more than 135 years. Travel through time to explore some of the organization’s defining moments.

The Voice of Aggieland Speaks

Dave South remembers his origins after spending 50 years in broadcasting and 35 years delivering iconic play-by-play for Aggie athletics over the radio.

With Pride and Honor

For almost 40 years, chimes from the Albritton Bell Tower have reverberated across central campus.

In Spirit and Bronze

An Aggie band cadet with grand ideas, Landis Cervenka ’69 pioneered efforts to memorialize Aggies who gave their lives for freedom after World War II.

The Day the Ring Turns ’Round

Over the decades, many prominent figures have taken center stage to inspire Texas A&M University graduates with words of wisdom.

A Higher Calling

Spiritual life is alive and thriving at Texas A&M, with All Faiths Chapel providing student religious groups an on-campus worship and prayer oasis.

A Custom Fit

More than 130 years since its founding, Holick’s Manufacturing Company stands as a testament to the immeasurable legacy left by Aggie boot craftsman Joseph Holick.


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Rising Through the Ranks

A testament to Texas A&M University’s history of military service, 10 Aggies have achieved a four-star rank in the U.S. Armed Forces since 1876.