From the Roots Up

Aggieland’s deep land-grant roots tell a story of a compelling past and provide growth for Texas A&M University’s exciting future.

The Act of Seeking Education

How the Land-Grant College Act of 1862 established 69 universities across the country and opened the door for the public to achieve higher education.

There's a Secret Can Ne'er Be Told

Check out these little-known facts and suspicions about Aggieland buildings past and present.

12 OPAS Shows That Brought the House Down

Celebrate 50 seasons of OPAS with a look back on its most memorable performances.

The Day the Ring Turns ’Round

Over the decades, many prominent figures have taken center stage to inspire Texas A&M University graduates with words of wisdom.

In Spirit and Bronze

An Aggie band cadet with grand ideas, Landis Cervenka ’69 pioneered efforts to memorialize Aggies who gave their lives for freedom after World War II.

Rising Through the Ranks

A testament to Texas A&M University’s history of military service, 10 Aggies have achieved a four-star rank in the U.S. Armed Forces since 1876.