August 28, 2017

The Association of Former Students and Texas A&M Foundation have partnered with TexAgs to create an online forum to help facilitate communication among Aggies in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Aggies can visit to post if they either need assistance or have assistance to offer.

Significant portions of the Texas Gulf Coast and surrounding areas are dealing with the devastation left behind in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. From the initial destructive category four winds bearing down on Rockport, Port Aransas and the surrounding area to the continuing flooding in Houston and its neighboring communities, Hurricane Harvey has abruptly interrupted life for many Texans and Aggies.

When tragedies like this strike, Aggies are quick to respond.  Over the past weekend we have seen many Aggies in local official leadership roles, directing recovery and relief efforts and providing the residents of their counties and cities with a sense of calm.  We have also seen Aggies spring into action, helping local authorities evacuate residents from flooded parts of Houston and other areas. We are inspired by these examples and know there are many more Aggies who are willing to lend their assistance to their fellow Aggies and Texans in need.

The forum at is now online. It is for anyone to visit and will include links to local, state and federal relief agencies and resources and will facilitate the sharing of additional resources and information.  To post, you’ll need to create a free account with TexAgs, if you don’t already have an account.

Perhaps you are willing to help someone remove debris, have a trailer to lend or even temporary shelter to offer.  This site provides a way for you to share those needs and communicate directly with those who could benefit from your help.  Likewise, those needing assistance can post their needs.  Many of you reading this have endured the destruction of natural disasters yourself and may have lessons learned to share.  These, too, can be shared on this forum.

The needs related to this storm will not be fully known until the skies have cleared and the streets have dried.  Now and in the future, we encourage Aggies to find a way to help, whether that is by giving of your time to assist with the clean-up, supporting relief groups, or by praying for those impacted by the storm and those leading the recovery efforts.  We can each make a difference.  

Texas A&M University – both our College Station and Galveston campuses – were in the path of the storm and temporarily suspended operations. Students at Texas A&M University at Galveston were evacuated from campus in advance of the storm and will resume classes Monday, Sept. 4. Classes in College Station will resume Wednesday, Aug. 30. Both The Association of Former Students and the Texas A&M Foundation are in communication with university officials and stand ready to assist the university with any storm-related needs in alignment with the missions of our organizations.  

For more information, please contact: 

Kathryn Greenwade ’88

Lynn Schlemeyer