Sparking a Chemical Reaction

A $15 million commitment by the Robert A. Welch Foundation and Jon Hagler ’58 will support chemists at the Hagler Institute for Advanced Study.

An Aggie’s Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning

Estate planning attorney Ryan Heath ’14 shares how simple planning today can ensure peace of mind for you and your family tomorrow.

The Truth About Scholarships

From who they help to how to make one, we debunk the top scholarship myths.

A Wellspring of Gratitude

Dr. Kevin Gamache ’12 and his wife, Rita, honor two impactful professors in what became a watershed moment for their lives and future Aggies.

Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees Recognizes Three Outstanding Graduates

Ben Crespo ’24, Maria Hall ’23 and Alejandra Moreno ’24 received the 2024 Trustees’ Outstanding Student Award.

Texas A&M Foundation Honors Dr. Leonard Berry with Partner in Philanthropy Award

The Texas A&M Foundation selects Dr. Leonard Berry as recipient of its annual Partner in Philanthropy Award.

Get Engaged With Aggieland

Check out the campus priority initiatives featured in this issue of Spirit and discover how you can make a difference.

Lessons in Leadership

Reflections on a leadership mindset and embracing the Aggie core values in our leadership journeys.


We asked: What song takes you back to your days in Aggieland? Here are the responses!

Pen Pals

Marilyn Dawson and Michele Mobley ’87 reflect on the 40-year friendship they forged thanks to a President’s Endowed Scholarship.

Solving for Complex Assets

Jim and Peggy Sims find a unique solution to turn a partnership interest into income for themselves and future support for Aggieland.

I'm Transforming Aggieland With...

Three donors find perfect, personalized avenues to support Texas A&M University with non-cash assets.

Seeds of Impact

Seeds sown by yesterday’s generous planned giving donors have grown into nearly $400 million in support for Texas A&M University since 1981.

Trees for the Forest

Texas A&M University thrives on planned gifts and the transformative power of passion and persistence in shaping brighter futures.

I'll Be There for You

Rachel ’94 and Ross Morgan ’94, childhood friends turned lifelong soulmates, show their love for Texas A&M University.

Love Letters to Aggieland

Five members of the Texas A&M Foundation share what makes Texas A&M University so special to them.

Expert Estate Planning Tactics for 2024

Create charitable solutions for your estate planning challenges with these proven tactics from the Texas A&M Foundation.

Aggieland’s Top 12 Photos of 2023

See the moments that made last year special and pick your favorite!

Get Engaged With Aggieland

Check out the campus priority initiatives featured in this issue of Spirit and discover how you can make a difference.

The Skinny on Scholarships

Scholarship endowments are among the most popular commitments the Texas A&M Foundation receives, and it’s no wonder why: These gifts are game changers. Ask yourself what type of Aggie you’d like to support and get started today.

The Ties That Bind

The university’s core values have had a lasting impact in shaping character-driven, dedicated leaders.

Happily Ever Aggieland

Explore the various advantages of seven planned giving methods that are as unique as their givers.

Behind the Scenes

Take a look at the making of a new video series designed to demystify philanthropy at Texas A&M University.

Texas A&M Foundation Welcomes Senior Vice President for Development

John Morris most recently served in a similar role at Auburn University.

Get Engaged With Aggieland

Check out the campus priority initiatives featured in this issue of Spirit and discover how you can make a difference.

Get Retirement Ready

Focusing on retirement? Certified financial planner Stephanie Harris ’96 offers five timely tips to optimize your finances for the long term starting at age 50.

The Right Gift for You

Directed giving through the Texas A&M Foundation allows you to customize your impact on others and create a unique Aggie legacy.

The World of Tomorrow

If there’s a problem endangering our future or a discovery that will enhance it, you can bet someone at Texas A&M University is already working on it.

Aggies Go Global

Texas A&M’s world-class Education Abroad program creates life-changing adventures for Aggies.

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

These three easy steps will have you navigating your estate planning journey in no time.

David Dunlap Appointed to Texas A&M Foundation’s Board of Trustees

The Houston-based energy leader continues serving Texas A&M University.

Acknowledging Altruism

Learn about the programs that help our organization say “thank you” to Texas A&M University’s passionate and generous donors.

Now and Forever

See how the power of an endowment can help a single scholarship impact generations.

Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees Honors Three Outstanding Seniors

Juliette Jimenez ’22, Emily Orr ’23 and Grace Vaughn ’23 were named recipients of the 2023 Trustees’ Outstanding Student Award.

TAMF FY2024 Goals

Dear Freshman Me

Four graduating scholars share Aggieland highlights and words of advice with their younger selves.

Time to Plant Your Aggie Legacy

Our passionate professionals share how you can plan today to create a brighter future for tomorrow’s Aggies.

70 Years of Building a Brighter Future

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Texas A&M Foundation. Formed by 21 passionate former students in 1953, our organization continues to carry on their vision of building a brighter future for Texas A&M University through private philanthropy.

Campus Protector

Ronnie Crocker ’85 honors his mother, Betty Crocker LeMay, and her achievements with the Texas A&M University Police Department through an Endowed Opportunity Award.

Educational Opportunities

Thanks to an impactful scholarship, Jada Greenidge ’26 is pursuing her dreams to become an Aggie veterinarian.

How to Tackle Financial Health

Huddle up with “Financial Quarterback” and former football star Stephen McGee ’08 ’09 as he shares his game-winning financial strategies.

From 'Howdy' to 'I Do'

Meet four couples whose love stories start with a Spirit can ne'er be told.

Joe Horlen ’73, J.D., Named Partner in Philanthropy Award Recipient

The Texas A&M Foundation recognizes Joe Horlen for his impact on the Texas A&M University’s Department of Construction Science.

Top 12 Photos of 2022

Take a look at our 12 favorite photos from last year and cast your vote.

Ask the Expert: Top Estate Planning Tips for 2023

Estate attorney Michele Mobley ’87 shares top tips for estate tax savings in the new year.

Innovative Involvement

Annette Forst ’88 shares how the Network for Academic Corporate Relations Officers helps her change the world, one corporate partnership at a time.

Investing With Passion

Four companies extend their mission through supporting Texas A&M students.

Purposeful Partnering

Through its Corporate Partner Program, Texas A&M University’s Career Center collaborates with companies to share strategic guidance.

And To All, A Good Night

The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect and remember to include others in our intentions.

Endowments 101

Discover more about this meaningful philanthropic tool and why it matters for Texas A&M University’s future.

Luz Herrera Named Partner in Philanthropy Award Recipient

The Texas A&M Foundation recognized Herrera for her impact at the Texas A&M University School of Law.

Forging a Family Atmosphere

Through a wide range of groups, new students from every background can find community and a place in Aggieland.

A Maroon Mentorship

The Texas A&M Foundation’s Adopt a Scholar program connects grateful scholars with generous mentors for a meaningful Aggie experience.

How to Create an Impactful Scholarship

Use these simple steps to create a personalized and impactful scholarship to help Aggies find their home away from home at Texas A&M.

Making Sense of Scholarships

We rounded up answers to the 10 most asked questions we receive about scholarships at Texas A&M University.

Helping Homeschoolers

Carrie King ’08 and her husband, Bryant, established an Endowed Opportunity Award to support homeschooled Aggies.

I Learned Love

The most important lesson I learned in Aggieland.

Journey to Generosity

Through planned giving options suitable for every life stage, discover how you can impact Aggieland while providing for yourself and loved ones.


We asked: Where is the most unexpected place you met a fellow Aggie? Here are the responses!

Michele Mobley ’87 Appointed to Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees

The estate lawyer carries on a family legacy of serving Texas A&M University.

An Energizing Engagement

With its long-time relationship with Texas A&M University, Chevron is a prime example of the opportunities and benefits of engaging with Aggieland.

Education for Everyone

The Foundation Excellence Award has supported a more diverse workforce by helping underserved students receive educational opportunities.

Meet Our Corporate Relations Team

The Texas A&M Foundation Office of Corporate Relations connects our business partners to resources, investment opportunities and top Aggie talent.

Recruitment Solutions

Texas A&M University’s Career Center can provide your corporation with an invaluable point of contact to find your next hire on a large campus.

Top 4 Reasons Texas A&M University Is a Smart Investment

See how an Aggie partnership can support your corporation by exploring the four foremost reasons companies choose to invest in Texas A&M University.

At Your Service!

Join our passionate planned giving professionals as they guide you through every step of creating your Aggieland legacy.

Aggieland for All

Established in 1999, the Foundation Excellence Award has helped thousands of underserved students join the Aggie family.

A Presidential Impact

For 54 years, the President’s Endowed Scholarship program has equipped Aggies for excellence and career achievement.

Thoughtful ‘Thank-yous’

Each year, hundreds of scholarship recipients write thank-you notes to their donors to express gratitude and develop meaningful relationships.

We Asked, Aggies Answered

We asked five exceptional Aggies an all-important question: “What do you want to be remembered for?”

Your Retirement Moneymaker

Have cash or appreciated assets that aren’t yielding a desirable return? A charitable gift annuity can make your assets work for you!

Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees Honors Three Graduating Seniors

Courtney Eeds ’22, Anna Fedewa ’22 and Caitlin Garcia ’22 were named recipients of the 2022 Trustees’ Outstanding Student Award.

Ask the Expert: How to Get More From Your Real Estate

Texas A&M Foundation real estate expert James Mayo ’07 ’09 explores the unique advantages of funding a charitable remainder unitrust with real estate.

Ask the Expert: Preparing for the 2023 Tax Season

Tax experts Sarah ’00 and Arty Brieden ’99 share tips for proactive tax management.

Get Engaged with Aggieland

Check out the campus priority initiatives featured in this issue of Spirit and discover how you can make a difference.

New and Improved

Tyson Voelkel '96 discusses strategic editorial updates to Spirit magazine.

Cryptocurrency for a Cause

Now accepting cryptocurrency donations, the Texas A&M Foundation is adding to the list of ways you can invest in Aggieland’s future.

How to Protect Your Digital Legacy

Learn how to incorporate digital assets into your estate plan to carry on your legacy in an increasingly digital world.

Postcards From Mars

As a principal software developer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Bob Deen ’87 helps deliver awe-inspiring images from Mars.

Remember the Rhythm

As the first Black drum major to lead the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band, the late Kevin Phillip Roberts ’89 marched his way into history.

Support the Spirit

The recently formed Aggie Experience Fund is helping cover students’ participation fees in recognized campus organizations.

From Foundation to Friendship

A professional relationship became a lifelong friendship for Phylis and Steve Canion ’76 and planned giving officer Kelsey Christian ’02.

10 Game-Changing Scholarships for Aggies

For the thousands of students who attend Texas A&M University thanks to the support of donors, the old saying is true: every bit counts.

Building Spirit with Brush Strokes

Benjamin Knox ’90 has spent his life capturing the Aggie Spirit on canvas, painting history as it happens. Today, he’s investing in future Aggies.

In the Words of Aggie Scholars...

Four planned giving scholars share treasured Aggie memories from 2021 and set goals for the new year.

2023-24 Basketball Information and Procedures

Family Matters

How to pass down wealth wisely to your loved ones.

Ask the Expert: Taxes and Year-End Giving

Certified financial planner Jeff Judah ’90 shares financial and philanthropic advice to help you navigate your 2021 taxes.

Take Our Tax-Smart Quiz!

Learn about the tax advantages of different giving methods and find the right one for you with our five-minute quiz!

Top 3 Creative Ways to Use Your Retirement Assets

Learn how your extra retirement assets can benefit you and loved ones while creating an impact at Texas A&M University.

What Does It Feel Like To…

...compete in the Olympics? find internet fame? appear on Jeopardy? travel to space? go viral? Five former students share their out-there experiences.

The Power of Planned Giving

Explore the impact of planned gifts, learn more about ways you can leave your legacy in Aggieland and meet our planned giving team!

Ask the Expert: Teaching Financial Responsibility

Certified financial planner Ashley Parks ’98 shares tips to help families become more financially responsible.

How to Celebrate Your Loved One

Learn how you can forever memorialize your loved ones in Aggieland.

In Their Words

Six gift honorees share what it means to have a gift made in their honor.

Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees Honors Three Seniors with Outstanding Student Award

Created in 2012, this award recognizes students who succeeded in college despite experiencing personal or family financial challenges.

Why I Use Donor-Advised Funds

Get the scoop on donor-advised funds from two couples who have “been there, done that.”

The Power of Perseverance

The Kalluvilayil siblings established a Foundation Excellence Award in honor of their parents’ dedication to education.

You Asked: What is an Endowment?

An endowment is one of the most powerful gifts you can create for Texas A&M. Discover more about this meaningful philanthropic tool in our new video!

Top 5 Reasons to Plan a Beneficiary Gift

Continuing to make an impact after your lifetime can be easily achieved by creating a beneficiary gift tailored to further your passions in Aggieland.

Top 5 Financial Planning Tips for Women

Learn how to become a wiser woman—financially speaking—with these top financial tips from professionals.

CARES Act: Big Gifts. Big Deductions.

Thanks to a few rare opportunities offered by the CARES Act, you might be able to give more to charity in 2021 than you originally planned.

Our 20 Favorite Photos from 2020

Here are some of the best moments of last year, summarized in photos.

A Letter from the President

Hear from Foundation President Tyson Voelkel '96 on how he views the holidays as a season of gratitude.

Editor's Desk

The Lead by Example campaign may have ended on Dec. 31, 2020, but its impact will live on in Aggieland for generations thanks to private generosity.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

President's Letter

The achievement of the Lead by Example campaign’s $4 billion goal proves there is no limit to what the Aggie community can accomplish.

Texas A&M Foundation Celebrates Outstanding Student Leaders in 13th Maroon Coats Class

The Texas A&M Foundation welcomed 27 students into its 13th class of Maroon Coats.

Texas A&M Foundation Awards $2.3 Million in Scholarship Support to 1,200 Aggies

125 incoming freshmen received Endowed Opportunity Awards and 149 incoming freshmen received Foundation Excellence Awards.

Texas A&M Names 297 Winners of Prestigious Scholarships

A President’s Endowed Scholarship is considered the most prestigious academic merit scholarship awarded by Texas A&M.

Texas A&M Foundation Appoints Dan Allen Hughes Jr. to Board of Trustees

Dan Allen Hughes Jr., president and CEO of the Dan A. Hughes Company and Hupecol Operating Company, joins the Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees.

President's Post

Aggies and friends of Texas A&M are on track to surpass the Lead by Example campaign goal and raise more than $4 billion for our university by the end of 2020.

The Father of Planned Giving

The late James “Cop” Forsyth, Class of 1912, laid the foundation for Aggies to give back to Texas A&M University in the form of planned gifts.

$2.6 Million Gift Supports First-Generation Students at Texas A&M University

The gift will bolster the university's efforts to support first-generation students as they navigate collegiate life.

$5 Million Gift Supports Student Veteran Resources at Texas A&M University

The gift will create a permanent home for the VRSC, endow on-campus veteran programs and provide matching funds for veteran scholarships.

Sugar and Mike Barnes establish endowment for industrial and systems engineering, department named in their honor

In honor of the 80th anniversary of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Sugar and Mike Barnes have created naming gift.

Michael Pia Joins Texas A&M Foundation as Chief Investment Officer

Pia will lead the Foundation’s investment team and help drive critical decisions for the success of Texas A&M's long-term investment pool.

Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees Announce Outstanding Student Award Recipient

The Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees named Isolde Parrish ’20 as the recipient of the Foundation’s eighth Outstanding Student Award.

Secure From Taxation

Learn about the new SECURE Act's higher taxation on IRA inheritance and how a Testamentary Charitable Remainder Unitrust can help.

12th Can Conducts Food Drive for Aggies Facing Food Insecurity During COVID-19 Pandemic

The 12th Can and the Texas A&M Foundation are organizing a food drive to assist students, faculty and staff facing food insecurity during COVID-19.

Protecting Aggies: COVID-19 and Your Hacking Risk

Brandon Neff ’99 and Dr. Joe Tidwell ’99, owners of SCAN13, explain how you can protect yourself from two common hacking threats during COVID-19.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

Texas A&M Foundation Hosts Second Annual Exploration Day

Fully-immersive event showcased four high-impact research and academic initiatives by Texas A&M University students and faculty.

Luna Appointed to Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees

Gina Luna '95 joins the Texas A&M Foundation's Board of Trustees.

Texas A&M Foundation Honors Dr. Henry L. “Sonny” Presnal ’57 with Partner in Philanthropy Award

The Texas A&M Foundation has selected Dr. Henry L. “Sonny” Presnal ’57 as a recipient of its 2020 Partner in Philanthropy Award.

The Logic and Lore of Leap Day

Happy Leap Year! Dr. Kevin Krisciunas, associate professor in Physics and Astronomy, explains how this extra day helps keep our calendars in sync.

5 Things to Know About Texas A&M’s Academic Building

Endowed with tradition and beautiful architecture, the Academic Building holds a lot of Texas A&M history within its walls.

Tax Smart Giving

The changes in the tax law mean it’s less likely you'll itemize your deductions and therefore you may need to rethink your strategy.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

President's Post

Aggieland has gained national recognition as a welcoming place for veterans returning from their military careers to seek a college education.

The Selling Point

Reynolds and Reynolds expands its relationship with Texas A&M by committing a $4 million gift to name the Sales Leadership Institute.

Evans Medal

The Texas A&M Foundation honors three couples with the 2019 Sterling C. Evans Medal award.

President's Post

Celebrating the contributions and service of the Texas A&M campus community.

Teaching Generosity

Mays Business School’s Strategic Philanthropy course teaches students the principles of generosity and philanthropy.

Finding Their Voice

Texas A&M University’s PATHS Program prepares students with disabilities for independent living and the workforce.

Engineering an Alternative Path

By partnering with community colleges, Texas A&M and Chevron are ensuring that tomorrow’s engineers more closely resemble today’s Texans.

4 Ways the Texas A&M College of Medicine is Answering the U.S. Military’s Physician Roll Call

From a new Department of Military Medicine to expanded partnerships with the Corps of Cadets, check out the progress.

A Taste of Texas

Texas A&M University’s viticulture and enology programs support industry producers in growing high-quality wines within the state’s natural terroir.

Maroon in the Deep

Aggies in the Nautical Archaeology Program follow their passion by excavating, solving shipwreck mysteries and helping to conserve sunken treasures.

These 12 Aggies are Leading by Example

Stories of selfless service on campus and abroad.

Agent of Change

Lynn Hagan ’77 uses matching gift funds from Chevron to establish the first endowment for the Texas A&M Women’s Resource Center.

A Lifetime of Adventure

Patsy Kott ’90 championed the Rec Sports' Outdoor Adventures program. A memorial scholarship in her name supports students who share her same spirit.

A Quiet Way of Giving

Laurie Hagemaier reflects on her late father’s legacy of generosity as his planned gift takes effect.

Future Focused

Showcasing the impact of planned gifts during the Lead by Example campaign.

Military Man

Sally Old Houdayer honors her father’s World War II and Cold War military service through a bequest for Corps of Cadets scholarships.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

The Voice of Aggieland

In their 125th year, the Texas A&M Singing Cadets are celebrating their history.

Sustaining Teaching Excellence

The Marie M. and James H. Galloway Foundation donates a ranch to support Texas A&M’s Center for Teaching Excellence.

Werner the Wonder Dog

Texas A&M University veterinarians collaborate to successfully operate on a canine with a rare tumor.

Endless Support

The power of endowed funds.

Introducing the Physicianeers

Why is this mother-daughter team helping Texas A&M merge technology and health care? The reasons are many.

Pay It Forward, Ags!

Shane Frazier ’98 makes an IRA beneficiary gift to support Mays Business School.

Medicare 101

Dr. Michael Morrisey answers your most common questions about Medicare.

Texas A&M Foundation Hosts Inaugural Exploration Day

The Texas A&M Foundation welcomes generous benefactors to Aggieland for Exploration Day.

A Family Legacy Ringed by Tradition

Ashley Ralph ’19 receives her great-grandfather’s class ring, symbolizing a family legacy that spans 100 years of Aggie heritage.

Family Tradition

Sisters and scholarship recipients Sarah ’19 and Emily Cooley ’19 are only months away from achieving their goal of becoming Aggie nurses.

Lee Lowery ’60 Scholars Program Honors Legacy of Teaching

In recognition of Dr. Lee Lowery’s more than 60 years of teaching, former students are creating a scholarship program in his name.

Set in Stone

A look at the Bryan-College Station company that has created monuments for Texas A&M’s campus since 1999.

The Prime Cut

44 Farms makes a gift for the International Beef Cattle Academy, which advances beef production knowledge to students across the globe.

Building Leaders

John R. Carmichael III ’73 created a gift in his will to support the Mays Business School Master of Real Estate Program.

Embracing the Journey

New Heritage members Patricia ’93 and Edward McGruder ’89 pave a path for future students through a planned gift.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

Texas A&M President's Endowed Scholarship Program Celebrates 50 Years

Since 1968, the President’s Endowed Scholarship program has been inspiring high-achieving students to make Texas A&M their school of choice.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

Lemmons Appointed to Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees

William “Billy” Lemmons, founder and managing partner of EnCap Flatrock Midstream, joined the Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees on July 1.

Engineering Standout

The College of Engineering recognized six former students with its 2018 Outstanding Alumni Award, including Carl Jaedicke ’73.


Former Texas A&M University athletes complete funding for a Foundation Excellence Award at the eighth annual Aggie Legends Golf Classic.

Editor's Desk

Aggie engineering is ahead of the game.

Evans Medal

The Texas A&M Foundation announces its 2018 Sterling C. Evans Medal honorees.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

President's Post

A new program combines engineering and medicine to stimulate innovation and transform health care.

Odessa Couple Receives Texas A&M Foundation’s Highest Honor

The Texas A&M Foundation has recognized Rhonda and Frosty Gilliam Jr. ’80 as 2018 recipients of the prestigious Sterling C. Evans Medal.

Rush Harvey Joins Texas A&M Foundation as Director of Investments

This week the Texas A&M Foundation announced the hire of Rush Harvey, who assumed the role of Director of Investments on Feb. 1.

Texas A&M Foundation Provides University $90.8 Million

The Texas A&M Foundation will make $90.8 million available to Texas A&M University as a result of donations during the past fiscal year.

Campaign Update

Take a journey down the path of the Lead by Example campaign, from 2012 to the present.

President's Post

Helping the university grow requires an entrepreneurial mindset that is based on generating value each day.

Texas A&M Breaks Ground on $40 Million Music Activities Center

Construction is now underway to build a new state-of-the-art Music Activities Center for the university’s orchestras, choirs and bands.

An Online Forum Brings Aggies Together in Harvey's Wake

Learn how you can help Aggies in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Mays Business School’s Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship to be Named After Legendary Entrepreneur Arthur “Artie” McFerrin Jr. ’65

Arthur McFerrin Jr. will continue to inspire Aggies through the renaming of Mays Business School’s Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship.

Paletta Appointed to Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees

Lou Paletta, a founding partner and the chief operating officer of Kildare Partners, joined the Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees on July 1.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

Maroon Coats

One of the most respected Aggie organizations, the Texas A&M Foundation Maroon Coats celebrate 10 years.

President's Post

A discussion with Dr. Jen Shang, a philanthropic psychologist at Plymouth University in the United Kingdom.

Three Couples Receive Texas A&M Foundation's Highest Honor

The Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees recognized three couples as recipients of the Sterling C. Evans Medal.

Texas A&M Foundation Trustees Honor Outstanding Students

The Texas A&M Foundation Board of Trustees named Brenda Castillo '17 and Joshua Sutton '17 as recipients of its fifth Outstanding Student Award.

Texas A&M Foundation Celebrates 10 Years of Maroon Coats, New Inductees

The Texas A&M Foundation honored its 10th class of Maroon Coats at a coating ceremony on Sunday, April 9.

Campaign Update

Read an overview of our progress on Lead by Example, one of the boldest comprehensive campaigns in the history of public higher education.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

President's Post

A $20 million gift from Jon Hagler '58 will enrich Texas A&M's intellectual climate and educational experience.

@txamfoundation: Foundation News

Bonnie and Joe Merritt honor Texas A&M Foundation Development Officer Chastity Carrigan '16 with an endowed scholarship.

Texas A&M Foundation Receives $20 Million Commitment to Name Hagler Institute for Advanced Study

The Texas A&M Foundation received a $20 million gift to rename the Institute for Advanced Study in honor of Jon L. Hagler '58.

Former Texas A&M Foundation Chairman Bob Surovik ’58 Passes Away, Leaves Lasting Legacy

Former Texas A&M Foundation Chairman Bob J. Surovik ’58 passed away Feb. 7 at the age of 80. He left a legacy of leadership and support for Texas A&M.

Texas A&M Foundation Names Three Recipients of Partner in Philanthropy Faculty Award

The Texas A&M Foundation named Janet Bluemel, her husband John A. Gladysz, and M. Edward Rister as recipients of its Partner in Philanthropy Award.

Nancy '90 & Mark '88 Browning Encourage Students to Pay it Forward

Mark Browning '88's position at the Texas A&M Foundation inspired him and his wife, Nancy '90 to endow a liberal arts scholarship.

A Taste of Texas A&M

One camp at Texas A&M helps kids explore their passions before they get to college.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

@txamfoundation: Foundation News

Barbara and Bill Huffman '53 fund Fish Camp awards; campaign passes halfway mark; Foundation makes $103.9 million available to Texas A&M; Robin '76 and Bob Starnes '72 donate new Foundation golf cart.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

President's Post

A new campaign for Texas A&M seeks to combat global challenges and inspire Aggies and non-Aggies alike to create their own "good" for our university and our world.

@txamfoundation: Foundation News

Foundation welcomes new trustee; four employees receive service awards; Maroon Coats induct 23 new members.

Evans Medal

The Rachal Foundation and Tom and Joan Read are honored as recipients of the 2016 Sterling C. Evans Medal, the highest award bestowed by the Texas A&M Foundation.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

President's Post

Tyson Voelkel ’96 brings an extraordinary passion for Texas A&M to his new job as president of the Texas A&M Foundation.

@txamfoundation: Foundation News

Mark Browning ’88 funds finance scholarships; Lead by Example campaign launches; professor receives first faculty philanthropy award.

Tyson Voelkel Will Take Office in January 2016

The Texas A&M Foundation’s Board of Trustees announced the selection of Tyson Voelkel '96 as its new president.

Texas A&M Foundation Provides University a Record $88 Million

In its newly released annual report, the Texas A&M Foundation announced it will make a record $88.2 million available to Texas A&M University.

Bob Jordan ’85

This week’s Bugle Call salutes Bob Jordan, Class of ’85!

Betty Ann Graves

This week’s Bugle Call salutes Betty Ann Graves, who first came into the Aggie Family when she married her late Aggie husband, Dick Graves ’51.

Texas A&M Announces Major Initiative to Address Real World Issues

Texas A&M announced today the launch of a $4 billion comprehensive campaign to address major societal challenges facing the state, nation and world.


Read the latest letters from Spirit readers.

President's Letter

After 22 years as president of the Texas A&M Foundation, my departure will be bittersweet.

@txamfoundation: Foundation News

Employee Janet Handley ’76 funds Corps scholarships; couple funds new Foundation Fish Camp award; Jon Hagler ’58 receives honorary degree.

Carolyn ’69 and Thomas Adair ’57

The Texas A&M Foundation honored Carolyn '69 and Thomas '57 Adair with a Bugle Call at the Texas A&M vs. South Carolina football game on October 31.

Kevin Brice Andrews '11

The Texas A&M Foundation honored Kevin Brice Andrews '11 with a Bugle Call at the Texas A&M vs. Alabama football game on October 17.

Charles Pence ’51

The Texas A&M Foundation honored Charlie Pence with a Bugle Call at the Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State football game on Oct. 3

Donald Zale ’55 and Gerald Ray ’54

The Texas A&M Foundation honored Donald Zale and Gerald Ray with a Bugle Call at the Texas A&M vs. Nevada football game on Sept. 19.


The Texas A&M Foundation honored Bob Byrns with this year's first Bugle Call at the Texas A&M vs. Ball State football game on Sept. 12.


Sixteen students who attended Texas A&M’s Fish Camp this summer have been randomly selected as recipients of the $1,000 “Fishin’ With Franks” awards.