March 21, 2022

Cryptocurrency has found its way into national headlines, business courses and commercials as the currency of the future. Now, it is making its debut as a form of giving at the Texas A&M Foundation.

Simply put, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that exists within an online database and can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world. Much of the interest surrounding cryptocurrency comes from its volatility, allowing speculators to trade the currency for profit in the same way investors trade stocks.

Among the first university foundations to accept this form of currency, the Foundation has made donating cryptocurrency as easy as inputting information on a website. Through a safe and efficient process, your donation of cryptocurrency can be a powerful way to invest in Texas A&M University’s future.

1. What is cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that uses encryption to ensure the security of its transactions. An alternative to cash and credit cards, cryptocurrency can be accepted as payment for goods and services. Because cryptocurrency is not issued by a government or financial institution, it does not have a physical equivalent and is not accepted by all businesses.

2. How do I donate cryptocurrency to the Foundation?
The Foundation uses a third-party vendor called Engiven to accept cryptocurrency donations. You can access it by visiting the Foundation’s website, navigating to “Ways to Give” and selecting “cryptocurrency” from the drop-down menu. You will then be prompted to provide your data through an electronic form. Next, you will receive a URL to which you can send your cryptocurrency from your personal wallet. The process is easy, efficient and takes place entirely online.   

3. What information do I need to donate cryptocurrency?
The form on the Foundation’s website will ask for the specific currency being gifted, the gift’s intended purpose, the donor’s name, and a valid email address, phone number and physical address. Accuracy is imperative when selecting the type of cryptocurrency you are giving, because different currencies involve additional instructions.

10. What can my cryptocurrency donation support? 

Just like any other donation, cryptocurrency can fund scholarships, advance faculty endeavors, strengthen student programs and support campus construction. You can create a permanent endowment using cryptocurrency or make a gift of cryptocurrency to one of hundreds of accounts through our online giving site. Gifts to the Foundation enhance the university’s mission to provide the highest quality educational programs and develop new understandings through research and innovation.  

Want to make a difference with your cryptocurrency? Contact for more information or visit the Foundation's cryptocurrency platform to give directly.