May 16, 2023

Aggies enter their freshman year with a mix of emotions: excitement about being in Aggieland, stress about finding their way around campus and balancing their college workload, and hope that Texas A&M University will forever transform their lives. Four short years later, they don their caps and gowns and prepare to enter the world armed with new skills, deeper values, stronger character and a greater wisdom.  

As they reflect on the lessons and experiences of their college years, many think about all the things they wished they had known as they entered Texas A&M. Four recipients of the prestigious President’s Endowed Scholarship (PES) program captured these lessons by writing letters to their freshman selves, sharing about the experiences, relationships and growth they found in Aggieland. 

Reagan Isbell ’23 

Biomedical Engineering 

WFSN Women’s Legacy President’s Endowed Scholar 

Austin Gaskamp ’23 

Mechanical Engineering 

Verlin and Howard Kruse ’52 President’s Endowed Scholar 

Aabid Razvi ’23 

Business Honors and Finance 

Miley Lorenz President’s Endowed Scholar 

It will all feel overwhelming, and that’s OK. You will find mentors who will change your life and guide you when you don’t know where to turn. Professors, staff, older students and even those walking side-by-side with you will all be there for you as you navigate a brand-new stage. You’ll also have the blessing of staying debt-free, thanks to the generosity of your PES donors who will allow you to focus on making the most of the Aggie experience rather than making ends meet. 

I’m excited to tell you that Texas A&M won’t make you into a new man; it will refine you into the best version of who you already are. You’ll discover that your life mission is to help people who can’t help themselves, learn how to lead as a servant and build the confidence to believe that you can be the one to change the world.  

Thanks and Gig ’em, 

Aabid Razvi ’23 

Joseph Balmain Rodgers ’23 

Business Honors and Finance 

A. Foster Nelson President’s Endowed Scholar 

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