February 14, 2023

Aggieland is known for being a place of community. Students enter as strangers and leave with connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. For some Aggies, Texas A&M University is also where they met and fell in love with their other half. From standing together on game day to popping the question under the Century Tree, these four Aggie couples tell how they found love on campus. 

Left photo provided by Aimee '93 and John Mohr '94; right photo by Darius Tanner '19

Aimee ’93 and John Mohr ’94

  • Married for: 28 years 
  • Children: Sydney and Ashley ’24 
  • Her favorite thing about him: His passion and dedication to things that are important to him, including Aggie football 
  • His favorite thing about her: Her unconditional love for their families

The first time Aimee Mohr ’93 saw her future husband, John ’94, he was standing outside the Memorial Student Center Flag Room talking to his friends about a letter from his grandmother. “I loved what I heard,” said Aimee. “I thought he was so sweet.” 

As his Bonfire buddy (similar to a Secret Santa) who secretly left cookies for him while working at cut or stack, Aimee recognized John’s name, but he had no idea who she was. The two later met officially when Aimee was delivering him oatmeal raisin cookies. Their friendship progressed to a date at the Texas Hall of Fame—the first of many evenings the two spent dancing the night away.  

One Midnight Yell evening, John led Aimee on a longer walk than usual to the Century Tree, where she found a boombox playing music, a friend waiting with a camera and John dropping to one knee. They then attended Yell Practice as a newly engaged couple and have stayed connected with Texas A&M ever since.


Photos provided by Cindy '90 and Chris McClain '90

Cindy ’90 and Chris McClain ’90 

  • Married for: 30 years 
  • Children: Andrew ’19, Christian ’21, and John David ’24 
  • Her favorite thing about him: His hardworking, can-do attitude  
  • His favorite thing about her: Her big personality 

When Cindy ’90 and Chris McClain ’90 first walked into their salesmanship class, neither suspected that they would meet the love of their life. Though the two interacted in the class, they became better friends through the Center for Retailing Studies, where they provided transportation to visiting speakers like former Southwest Airlines CEO Herb Kelleher. After sitting in a car with the two, Kelleher told Cindy she was going to marry Chris. Her reaction? “No way!”  

But before long, their friendship developed into a relationship. After graduation, the two’s connection became long-distance until Chris popped the question when Cindy visited him in Arkansas. Today, their three sons, who all majored in business at Texas A&M, continue their parents’ Aggie story that all started in a classroom. 


Photos provided by Debbie '79 and Mike Dishberger '79

Debbie ’79 and Mike Dishberger ’79 

  • Married for: 42 years 
  • Children: Four fur-babies: three house cats – Luna, Sansa and Khaleesi – and one office cat – Stevie   
  • Her favorite thing about him: His friendship and his cooking 
  • His favorite thing about her: Her friendship and her love for sports and the Astros 

Debbie Dishberger ’79 did not expect to meet her future husband on her third day in Aggieland. But that all changed when Mike ’79 asked her to join him on the floor at an incoming freshman dance. Though she said she initially thought he was "full of himself," she decided to give him one dance, and they quickly became each other's permanent football date. 

In the fall of their junior year, Mike planned on proposing to Debbie at a hibachi restaurant, but he decided the timing was not right; there were too many people around, and he was scared she might reject his proposal. Instead, when they returned to campus, Mike proposed in a parking lot behind Mosher Hall. In their wedding vows, the Dishbergers called each other their best friend, and that still holds true today.  


Left photo provided by Mary '83 and Gordon Lewis '83 '91; right photo by Will Walker '13

Mary ’83 and Gordon Lewis ’83 ’91 

  • Married for: 39 years 
  • Children: They consider all the children they’ve taught as family! 
  • Her favorite thing about him: How he’s open to her craziness 
  • His favorite thing about her: Her compassionate heart 

Gordon Lewis ’83 ’91 likes to joke that he used his position as secretary of the Aggie Allemanders Square Dance Club to get his wife’s number. The two met when they were partnered together, and he began picking her up for square dances, followed soon after by a date to Midnight Yell. One early outing came to an abrupt halt when, on an evening trip to Lake Bryan, a police officer shined a light at them and asked Mary if she was being held against her will.  

Despite the intrusion, the two hit it off. A year later, after trick-or-treating together on Halloween, Gordon told Mary to look through her candy. After digging through treats, she found a ring box. The two have remained inseparable ever since, starting their careers as educators on the same day, working for the same school district and retiring together.