March 27, 2024

Non-cash assets open a world of possibilities for those looking to leave a profound legacy with organizations that have touched their lives while addressing financial complexities. Whether you want to part with unused real estate or avoid capital gains taxes, giving via non-cash assets enables you to create a win-win scenario. Meet three donors whose unique asset circumstances led them to create equally unconventional yet perfectly tailored gifts to transform Aggieland.

This gift of securities created a winning situation for Texas A&M and Hopper. When he transferred his shares over to the Foundation, he received a tax deduction, bypassed capital gains taxes and created a gift that was valued far more than his original investment. “The year I donated, I received a significant tax deduction, and it saved me from writing a big check to the IRS.”  

In Hopper’s case, giving securities outright as a current gift was the best option. But appreciated securities are also ideal for funding life-income gifts like charitable gift annuities or charitable remainder trusts that pay the donor or other beneficiaries income during their lives and support their philanthropic passions after.

Want to make a meaningful gift to Texas A&M with your non-cash assets? Scan the QR code to explore more methods and discover the best fit for you or contact Kevin Westerman '11 below.