February 22, 2021

Almaguer's planned gift from her IRA will serve the Aggie community by supporting the Texas A&M University Libraries.

“To whom much is given, much is expected.” This is the credo that Sharon Almaguer ’84 lives by, especially when giving back to Texas A&M University.

She credits the unique opportunities she received to her alma mater, while her successful legal practice in McAllen, Texas, afforded her the opportunity to pay it forward in a planned gift to the Texas A&M University Libraries.

“I want to give to all Aggies, and the purpose of the libraries is to serve the Aggie community,” Almaguer said. “As a student, the libraries became a haven for me. If anyone needed to find me, they knew to look there.”

In 2016, Almaguer used an IRA to plan an unrestricted gift for the University Libraries to be used at the dean’s discretion. As an estate attorney, she knew committing an IRA gift presented special benefits for her and Texas A&M. “In order to prevent the charitable beneficiary from becoming entangled with the complexities of a will, it is advantageous to leave a direct gift so charities can easily receive the funds,” Almaguer explained.

Her career has also opened her eyes to how others perceive charitable giving. “There are misconceptions that giving is only feasible for those who can afford a significant amount,” she said. “IRA designations make it possible to give despite one’s financial capability.”

Almaguer’s commitment to lead by example and help fellow Aggies stems from her undergraduate days working directly with former Texas A&M Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. John J. Koldus III. After blowing through her entire first semester’s allowance, Almaguer quickly applied to work as a student assistant for Koldus and was hired. He gave her the chance to work on significant campus projects, such as developing and overseeing a new accessibility plan for handicapped students. “He supported and motivated students to be involved and seize leadership opportunities,” Almaguer said. “He loved Texas A&M, and students loved him.”

She hopes this gift reflects her love of the Aggie community and inspires others to give back to the university that has given her so much. “It is important to leave Texas A&M better than we found it and establish a legacy for future generations.”

For more information on planning a gift to support the Texas A&M University Libraries, please contact Angela Throne '03 by completing the form below.

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