September 6, 2021

Since 1953, the Texas A&M Foundation has been building a brighter future for Texas A&M University, one relationship at a time. At first, support for the university came from generous donors who had the resources to give immediately. But when the late James “Cop” Forsyth, Class of 1912, coordinated with his classmates to create the first class-sponsored President’s Endowed Scholarship, he found that many wanted to give but did not have the means to do so right away. To meet the $25,000 requirement to endow the scholarship, Forsyth devised a plan for Aggies to make a gift in their wills to fund scholarships after their lives.

Since those first planned gifts, thousands of donors of all ages and walks of life have joined Forsyth in embracing the power of planned giving. Read on to learn more about this simple way to leave a legacy of support for the next generation of Aggies and beyond.


What is planned giving?

If you want to support Texas A&M University but don’t have the resources today to leave the impact you would like, a planned gift is the perfect answer. This popular giving method allows you to designate a future gift to Texas A&M in your estate plans to support your Aggie passions beyond your lifetime. Whether it provides a scholarship to deserving students, creates a chair for top faculty members or supports a college or program, every planned gift contributes to the university’s success. Many options also present benefits to you or your loved ones in addition to impacting the university.


How can I make a planned gift?

You can use numerous methods to create a planned gift. Each offers different tax advantages and other benefits, and you can select the option that best fits your needs and philanthropic desires.

If you wish to continue using your assets during your lifetime, consider one of these easy giving methods:


The flexibility and simplicity of a bequest make it a popular planned giving method. Determine the assets you want to gift, such as cash or real estate, or the percentage of your estate you wish to leave for Texas A&M, and work with your attorney to include language in your will or living trust. Learn more by checking out our bequest video!

Beneficiary Designation Gifts

For this method, you simply name the Texas A&M Foundation (Tax ID# 74-2245072) as the beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement accounts and work with our planned giving team to determine what your funds will support at Texas A&M after your lifetime. You can also give life insurance by naming the Foundation as the beneficiary or owner of your policy. Watch our video to learn more!

If you wish to support the university while also providing for your own needs, check out one of these gifts that benefit you or your loved ones:

Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a wonderful way to turn investments into payments for you while also supporting Texas A&M. You gift cash or appreciated securities to the Foundation, and in return, we provide you with fixed payments for life and use the remainder to support your chosen area at the university.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Similar to a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust (CRT) can turn an asset into annual payments. You can create a CRT with cash, appreciated securities or real estate. The trust then pays you a percentage for a designated number of years, and the remainder benefits Texas A&M.

Interested in using your payments to give back to loved ones? Consider a testamentary charitable remainder trust, also known as a “give it twice” trust. The only difference from a CRT is that your trust’s life will begin after your lifetime, which allows your named beneficiaries to receive annual payments before the remainder supports your passions in Aggieland.

Learn more about both trusts by watching this video!

Retained Life Estate

A retained life estate is a great way to use real estate to support Texas A&M while continuing to enjoy it during your lifetime. You deed your home, farm or other property to the Foundation, with a provision that you can use the property for the rest of your life.

Where do I start?

Want to learn more about planned giving? Start by contacting our team! Our planned giving experts are dedicated to helping you match your passions in Aggieland with planned gifts that best fit your lifestyle and philanthropic goals. Learn a few fun facts about these Aggies below, and email the Texas A&M Foundation's Office of Planned Giving to begin your planned giving journey.

  • Amy Bacon ’91

    Amy Bacon ’91 has authored two books published by Texas A&M University Press: “Building Leaders, Living Traditions: The Memorial Student Center at Texas A&M University” and “Life in Bronze: Lawrence M. Ludtke, Sculptor.”

    Serving: Bush School, Corps of Cadets; Division of Student Affairs; Health Science Center; Texas A&M University at Galveston

  • Kelsey Christian ’02

    Kelsey Christian ’02 co-manages her family’s 7th generation Texas cattle ranch with her brother when she’s not in the office.

    Serving: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; College of Education and Human Development; College of Liberal Arts

  • Brian Harrison ’91

    Brian Harrison ’91 played baseball for the Aggies before being drafted by the Kansas City Royals in 1992. 

    Serving: College of Science; College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

  • Jennifer Hester ’98

    Jennifer Hester ’98 is quite the hobby farmer, raising cattle, sheep, chickens, a horse and a donkey on the outskirts of College Station.

    Serving: College of Architecture; Mays Business School

  • Carrie Keller ’99

    Carrie Keller ’99 enjoys gardening because she can’t stand a messy flowerbed and loves to get her hands in the dirt!

    Serving: General planned giving inquiries

  • Angela Throne ’03

    Angela Throne ’03 is a national parks enthusiast and recalls a sunset hike of Cliff House in Mesa Verde National Park as one of her favorites.

    Serving: Texas A&M University Libraries; Division of Student Affairs; general planned giving inquiries

  • Kevin Westerman ’11

    Kevin Westerman ’11 is an avid runner and has completed six marathons since 2016!  

    Serving: College of Engineering; College of Geosciences; School of Law

Need more time before contacting our team?

Use our complimentary Aggieland’s Ultimate Estate Planning Kit below to get your plans in order and further research your options. 

Already Planned a Gift in Your Estate? Become a Heritage Member!

When you create a planned gift, you receive an invitation to the Foundation’s prestigious Heritage Membership, which recognizes individuals and families who have committed a planned gift of any size to benefit Texas A&M University. Heritage Members enjoy special benefits, including:

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If you have already created a planned gift but did not previously inform us, CONTACT US to join the thousands of other Aggies and friends who are creating a brighter future for Texas A&M.