June 14, 2022

With nearly 50% of gifts received by the Texas A&M Foundation directed toward student scholarship support, Texas A&M empowers students to receive a high-quality education while rooting themselves in the university’s traditions and core values. The donors of these scholarships create a remarkable legacy in their scholars’ lives, relieving much of the financial burden of their scholastic endeavors.  

As an expression of gratitude, scholarship recipients write yearly thank-you notes to their donors. Through these letters, students convey their sincere gratitude while giving the donor a chance to learn more about their scholarship recipient, build a relationship with the scholar and understand the impact of their generosity. Read on to explore a few of these letters and get a glimpse of how scholarships are changing these students’ lives. 

David Smith ’22  

Frank M. Muller, Jr. '65 Endowed Opportunity Award 

Dear Mr. Muller, 

I cannot believe I am writing my last letter as an undergraduate to you. Your scholarship has given me the chance to go through college without worrying about finances and the opportunity to chase my dreams. Thank you for the financial support and life advice you have given me throughout my time at Texas A&M.  

Sophie Morgan ’24 

Allan A. Marburger ’60 Endowed Opportunity Award  

Dear Mr. Marburger,  

I am so thankful that you have chosen me to receive this scholarship. My name is Sophie, and I am starting my sophomore year here at Texas A&M! Unfortunately, due to health conditions, I had to do my entire freshman year of college online. After a long year, I am finally on campus and fully immersing myself in the true Aggie experience.  

Nicholas Justice ’22  

Mechanical Engineering 
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wendlandt President’s Endowed Scholarship 

Dear Mr. Alex Gregg, 

Thank you again for the exceedingly generous President’s Endowed Scholarship in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wendlandt. I’m Nick Justice, the recipient of your scholarship, and as a senior mechanical engineer here at Texas A&M, I can’t even begin to describe the amount of help and generosity I’ve experienced while at this school. 

Joshua Nedelisky ’25 

Joseph A. Byrd Memorial Endowed Scholarship 

Passionate about making a difference in students’ lives? Contact  Al Pulliam ’87, assistant vice president for development, for more information about establishing your own scholarship for Aggies.