January 10, 2023

As a central hub on campus for all things employment-related, Texas A&M University’s Career Center is a resource for businesses of all sizes, uniting students seeking employment opportunities with organizations looking for top talent. To better assist these businesses, the center launched the Corporate Partner Program in 2007, an initiative designed to serve organizations with whom the center collaborates most closely and frequently. The program emphasizes three primary areas: strategic focus, brand recognition, and student interactions and sponsorship.  

In the intervening years, this program has developed into a vital element of the center’s offerings, enabling both employers and the university to adapt agilely to ever-changing workforce needs. And while the entire program has proven to be extremely popular, the strategy and branding component is among its most valuable features, indicated Director of Employment Services Desiree “Des” Wilson ’85.  

Read on to explore three key ways the program is helping companies meet their needs and make the most of their partnership with Texas A&M.  

1. Strategic planning services provide personalized assistance. 

“A couple times a year, Employment Services leadership will meet with representatives from each of our corporate partners to discuss strategy,” Des explained. “We ask them questions like ‘Who do you want to reach in the coming months?’ ‘What are your hiring forecasts?’ and ‘Are you interested in expanding your footprint on campus?’ We discuss who our partners are recruiting and how, and we explore ways they can brand their organization on campus.”  

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