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Explore the answers to some common planned giving questions below. If you have additional questions, give us a call at 979.845.8161 or contact us today.

Is it difficult to make a planned gift?

Not at all! You can easily create a gift through your will, retirement account or similar planned giving method. Contact us today, and we’re happy to help provide the information you need.

What can I support at Texas A&M through a planned gift?

You can support student scholarshipsfaculty and researchstudent activities and campus traditions, or college programs. We will work with you to customize your planned gift to meet your unique passions in Aggieland and your financial situation. 

Is there a minimum gift amount to create a planned gift?

No, a planned gift can be any size, from $1,000 to tens of millions. Planned gifts are just like their givers: They are all different with different stories, but all gifts help build a brighter future for Texas A&M University.

For a minimum of $25,000, you can establish an endowment through your planned gift. As one of the most powerful gifts you can create for Texas A&M, an endowment is invested and produces a consistent stream of annual returns to support your Aggieland passions in perpetuity.

Learn more about endowments in the video below.

When is a good time to start thinking about planned gifts?

You can make a planned gift at any age! It is important for individuals in all stages of life, whether you just graduated from college or have been retired for years, to have an estate plan specifying who will receive your assets and handle any expenses after your lifetime. Including a gift for Texas A&M University in your estate plans is a great way to support your passions even if you don’t have the resources to give today.

You can discover the ideal planned giving method for your current life stage by exploring our Aggie timeline

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Who should I designate my gift to?

All gifts should be designated to the Texas A&M Foundation. This will ensure that your gift can be used as soon as possible to benefit Texas A&M in the way you desire.

How will the Foundation know where to use my gift?

A gift for Texas A&M should reflect your interests, dreams and legacy. The Foundation will work with you to create a gift agreement that designates the specific areas of Texas A&M you want to benefit, whether that is student scholarships, faculty and research, student actitivities and campus traditions, or college programs. This is a fun process in which you can reacquaint yourself with campus and learn more about existing or new programs that support your Aggieland passions.

Can my gift be anonymous?

Yes, we are happy to work with you to ensure you remain as anonymous as you wish.

Does the Foundation need a copy of my estate plan?

It is helpful for our records if you are willing to share the pertinent page from your will or trust with us. However, it is not required, so you can just as easily make a gift if you do not feel comfortable sharing your documents.

What if I change my mind later or my financial situation changes?

Many planned giving methods, such as a bequest or a beneficiary designation gift, are revocable, which means you can easily make changes to your gift in the future.

I have already included Texas A&M in my estate plans. What’s the next step?

Thank you for your support of Texas A&M! Please contact us and inform us of your intentions. We would love to recognize you as a Heritage Member, where you will have access to special events and exclusive benefits.