July 19, 2022

Congratulations! You have been accepted into Texas A&M University.  

For a prospective student, reading these words marks the beginning of an educational opportunity like no other. Filled with exhilarating football games, meaningful friendships, exceptional career preparation and a chance to contribute diverse ideas in the workplace, these words can start a remarkable journey that leads to a successful, impactful life.  

But for many, the dream of an education at Texas A&M does not come true with an acceptance letter. Despite having incredible potential to become influential leaders, many students from disadvantaged backgrounds cannot confirm their acceptance due to financial challenges.  

To create a perpetual impact, individuals and corporations can endow an FEA through a $50,000 gift that will support Aggies for generations. 

With the creation of an FEA, a deserving student is given an invaluable gift: the ability to accept the invitation to achieve their dream of an education at Texas A&M. Each additional scholarship allows a unique journey to unfold as a student receives the means to make a difference and lead a life grounded in the Aggie experience that was made possible by the kindness of others.

Want to setup an FEA? Let us know!

To learn how your corporation can expand Aggieland’s educational opportunities and contribute to a more diverse workforce through a Foundation Excellence Award, contact our team below.