July 19, 2022

Business and academia are two of the most essential components for society to continue progressing into the future. But with different structures and goals, getting these two forces to work together can mean a lot of red tape, even if it is for a good cause.  

Texas A&M University has grown exponentially since its founding in 1876, blossoming thanks to the support of former students and businesses investing in the workers of tomorrow, but its size can make for more intricate operations. Today, getting connected with Texas A&M may seem overwhelming or time-consuming for companies seeking to support education, stay active in the vibrant campus community or hire talented graduates.  

The Texas A&M Foundation’s Office of Corporate Relations simplifies the process by serving as a bridge between companies and public education. Through strategic partnerships, businesses can invest in university efforts and recruit the best graduates on campus. 

What is the Office of Corporate Relations? 

Our team members work with corporations, corporate foundations and businesses across the nation to match company interests with the right programs, research and recruitment opportunities at Texas A&M.  

Having a central point of contact for coordinating campus engagement streamlines the process for both Texas A&M and its supporters. Our knowledgeable team understands the ins and outs of business, philanthropy and university operations, allowing companies to get the most out of a Texas A&M partnership.  

How can my company partner with Texas A&M? 

Texas A&M offers numerous recruitment, engagement and investment opportunities based on your business’s needs and goals. 


High-caliber Aggie leaders of character can help your organization blaze innovative paths. We can help find the talent that fits your expertise and goals. Throughout the year, Texas A&M hosts numerous career fairs to connect Aggies to potential employers. Our team coordinates business presentations at these well-attended events so that employers can share their mission, employment opportunities and application process with potential hires. 

In addition, our team can connect you with Texas A&M’s centralized Career Center and its resources to help your recruitment efforts align with the best departments, programs and offices to fit your skill requirements. 

On an individual level, our corporate relations professionals arrange one-on-one meetings between our partners and their scholarship and fellowship recipients. Our team can also connect your corporation’s diversity programs to similar efforts at Texas A&M, such as the Foundation Excellence Awards (FEA) program.  


Want your organization to have access to world-class researchers, eager student minds and professional development opportunities? To stay engaged with the developing industry and share your expertise with others, we help company executives and experts volunteer for college advisory councils, university-sponsored conferences, seminars, guest lectureships and industry round-table discussions.  

Taking that relationship to the next level, the corporate relations team arranges meetings with top scientists and scholars involved in cutting-edge research. Businesses can also form connections with bright Aggie undergraduates to learn new ideas and fresh perspectives while allowing students to demonstrate their skills outside the classroom. In addition, the Office of Corporate Relations helps companies take advantage of courses from Texas A&M’s Center for Executive Development.  


Donating to Texas A&M raises awareness of your company’s brand and philanthropic efforts. Our corporate relations team can help you identify the most impactful campus initiatives that align with your goals and service areas. Your company or foundation can financially support academic programs or establish professorships and scholarships that support outstanding students and faculty pursuing the advancement of their fields.  

Corporate-sponsored research projects, including government contracts and academic advancement, provide real-life experience for students while advancing the technologies and knowledge in an industry. Other funding can be directed toward supporting campus building projects, creating state-of-the-art learning spaces and research laboratories, or donating equipment, supplies, software and subscriptions. We can also help you set up matching gifts that directly support your employees’ philanthropic goals and increase your employees’ donations to Texas A&M.  


Meet the Team 

Interested in establishing or growing a strategic partnership with Texas A&M? Our passionate professionals are here to help. Meet our team members by exploring some fun facts below and contact the Office of Corporate Relations using the form at the bottom of the page to get connected. 

  • Annette Forst ’88

    Assistant Vice President for Corporate Relations

    Serving: Corporate partners across the university

    Annette once sang on stage with the house band at the House of Blues in Dallas, receiving a standing ovation.

  • Damara Lotten

    Director of Corporate Relations

    Serving: Mays Business School

    Damara is a published writer and travel enthusiast.

  • Kevin McGinnis ’82

    Director of Corporate Relations

    Serving: College of Engineering

    Kevin served 22 years as a space operations officer in the U.S. Air Force.

  • Jason Tieman ’97

    Director of Corporate Relations

    Serving: Texas A&M University at Galveston

    Jason is an avid sailor and enjoys taking his 27-foot cruising sailboat out on Galveston Bay or exploring new sailing spots on trips to the British Virgin Islands and San Juan Islands.

  • Allison Dodd ’15 ’17

    Assistant Director of Corporate Operations

    Serving: Corporate partners across the university

    Allison has a yorkie-shih tzu named Melevie who goes everywhere with her. Melevie has her own car seat and car ride playlist and a diverse wardrobe.

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