May 9, 2017


Planning for the future is a key part of a successful life. Even though major changes may happen along the way, you can plan out the future of your estate to ensure that your family's needs and your wishes are met. 

Creating a will or estate plan can be easy as pie when you use our free online Estate and Gift Planning Kit. It will help you organize information about your family, estate and goals that will then be provided to your attorney for developing your plan. The online Estate and Gift Planning Kit, also available as a hard copy, will guide you step-by-step through the simple process of identifying what you have and what you want to be done with your assets. During the process, most people discover that planning is less about “things” and more about values.

Perhaps the best feature of our Estate and Gift Planning Kit is that it helps you identify your goals, dreams and aspirations for the future. Your will is not so much a plan for what happens after you are gone, but more about a testament of how you live today. When you finish entering your information into the Estate and Gift Planning Kit, you can choose to share the information with your attorney. This planner will be an invaluable tool for your attorney who can then complete your plan and ensure that your wishes, goals and dreams are followed. We have even identified gift attorneys in your area who are familiar with the planner to make it even easier for you to complete your will.

With our Estate and Gift Planning Kit, you might even learn about a few non-traditional ways of giving, such as through: 

  • Life Insurance: Complete a beneficiary designation form, designating a person or charitable organization as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy.
  • IRAs: Complete a beneficiary designation form to benefit the people and causes most important to you. Many administrators now make these forms available online.
  • Securities and Investments: List your loved ones or favorite causes as payable-on-death beneficiaries on a form provided by your account administrator.
  • Real Estate: Give your property to loved ones and to your favorite causes by deed while reserving a life estate. Contact us for a free illustration of the benefits of this plan.

Even if you don’t think you have many belongings, your life’s dreams and values are worth preserving. With our Estate and Gift Planning Kit, you have the opportunity to take the first step toward embarking on one of the most fulfilling and satisfying adventures in your life.