April 5, 2021

Who will inherit your assets after your lifetime?

Consider leaving your mark on Texas A&M University through purposeful philanthropy by naming the Texas A&M Foundation as the beneficiary of your IRA, life insurance or other investment account. Making the Texas A&M Foundation your beneficiary is easy and has a multitude of benefits for yourself and your loved ones. Explore these benefits below!


A Wise Way to Use Your After-Lifetime Assets


Top Reasons To Plan a Beneficiary Gift

1. Ease of Donation

To leave a meaningful gift to benefit Aggieland, all you need to do is name the Foundation as your beneficiary of your retirement account, life insurance policy or other account. You don’t even need to consult legal counsel and can change your beneficiary at any time. Simply ask your account custodian for a beneficiary designation form, list the Texas A&M Foundation as a new beneficiary and then let us know you’ve made this decision.

2. Tax Benefits

While funds from an IRA left to an heir can be highly taxed, those assets left to a nonprofit, like the Foundation, can change hands tax-free, meaning every cent goes toward furthering your passions at Texas A&M.

3. Heritage Member Status

If you decide to list the Foundation as your beneficiary, you are eligible to become a Heritage Member, resulting in perks such as appreciation events, member-only mailings and campus networking opportunities. Learn more about becoming a Heritage Member here.

4. Supports Your Passions

Every dollar you leave to the Foundation can be directed however you wish: to students, colleges, faculty or spirit-building programs. This allows you to choose how your gift helps students, faculty and specific departments or research efforts in a way that resonates with your experiences. Your gift can be as versatile as your passions and will allow you to continue making a difference at Texas A&M and beyond into the future.

5. Leave a Legacy

Your gifts will make a huge impact. Imagine using your hard-earned money to help deserving students through college via scholarships that bear your name or supporting an on-campus program that will ensure future generations keep Aggieland’s most sacred traditions intact. Your gift may begin at Texas A&M, but with Aggies stewarding it, it has the power to change the nation and even the world.

Important Considerations

It is important to name the Texas A&M Foundation, not Texas A&M University, as your beneficiary to ensure your funds are properly directed after your lifetime. You will also want to note our Tax ID# 74-2245072.

If you list the Texas A&M Foundation as the beneficiary of an account, please let us know so we can work with you to properly document how you want your gift to be used, and we can thank you for your generosity!

Make an impact today through a quick, simple beneficiary gift.

To learn more about planning a beneficiary gift, please contact Angela Throne ’03 using the form below.

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