A charitable lead trust is a unique way to provide for your family and Texas A&M University.

Unlike most planned giving methods, which benefit Texas A&M in the future, a charitable lead trust provides funds to the university first so that you can immediately see your impact while knowing that the gift will support your family in the future.

How It Works:

You transfer cash, securities or real estate to a trustee during your lifetime or through your will. The trustee invests the assets and provides payments to Texas A&M for a specified number of years to support the university however you desire. After that time, your loved ones will receive the remainder of the trust with little or no associated taxes.


  • If the trust’s value increases, any growth passes to your family with no taxes when the trust terminates.
  • If you create the trust during your lifetime, you can see your gift’s impact on the university today.
  • You will receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction for the present value of the payments that will benefit Texas A&M.
  • You could receive an estate tax charitable deduction.
  • You support Texas A&M!

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