A charitable remainder trust is a wonderful way to provide payments for yourself or loved ones now while supporting Aggieland’s future.

By creating a charitable remainder trust with appreciated assets, you can avoid capital gains taxes and enjoy the bonus of knowing your assets will impact the next generation of students at Texas A&M University.

How It Works:

You transfer cash, appreciated securities or real estate to your trust, which sells any real estate tax-free and invests the assets.

You or designated beneficiaries then receive payments of a fixed percentage of the trust (usually between 5-7%) for life or a specified number of years.

When the trust has made all payments, the remainder will impact your chosen area at Texas A&M.


  • You and your beneficiaries receive annual payments from your trust based on a set payout rate, so if the value of the trust increases, so do the payments.
  • You remove maintenance, tax and insurance obligations on real estate used to fund the trust.
  • You can reduce capital gains taxes on appreciated assets used to fund the gift.
  • You will receive an immediate charitable income tax deduction.
  • You support Texas A&M!

Discover what your charitable remainder trust can support in Aggieland below.

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Watch this helpful video to learn more about how charitable remainder trusts can pay you for giving back.

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