The Legacy

A Dripping Springs couple provides a unique planned gift for Texas A&M University.

Evaluating Your Assets

Learn which of your assets is best suited for a planned gift to benefit you, your loved ones and Texas A&M University.

For the Love of a Horse

A Dripping Springs couple provides a unique planned gift for Texas A&M University.

No Place Like Stevenson

Planning for their pets’ futures led Barbara and Russell Behrndt to support Texas A&M University with current and estate gifts.

Complete Your New Year’s Resolution

Use our expert-approved estate planning resources to accomplish your 2020 resolution before the clock strikes midnight.

Cultivating Tomorrow’s Texans

A look at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension’s unique history and how it continues to play a vital role in impacting Texas citizens and beyond.

Extending AgriLife Education

Dr. Martha Couch uses her Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experience to pay it forward in a planned gift to support future 4-H educators.

Celebrating aMAYSing Women

Women graduates of the Mays Business School are making their mark - leading in industry, earning recognition and supporting the next generation.

A Noble Pursuit

Noble Knight Gutierrez ’22 proves that the late Louise Milliken’s planned gift is truly creating leaders in Aggieland.

How to Impact Aggieland Forever

Using a planned gift to create an endowment allows the Texas A&M Foundation to support your Aggieland passions in perpetuity.

Opening Doors of Opportunity

Heath Hendricks ’99 created a planned gift using his retirement account to support the Memorial Student Center Committees that changed his life.

Advancing Academics

Learn how chairs, professorships and fellowships support researchers and faculty members who contribute to Texas A&M University’s excellence.

Ask the Expert: Mastering Time Management

Helene Segura ’93 shares time-management techniques to help you slay time and eliminate inefficiency as you move into the busy fall season.

Investing in Excellence

The late Jay Kregel ’89 left his legacy to support first-generation Aggies like Mirna Cardenas ’18.

Navigating Trusts

Learn the differences between a charitable remainder trust and a charitable lead trust to determine which is right for you.

An Aggie Abroad

An Aggie, World War II veteran and retired Foreign Service Officer, reflects on his experiences.

A Passion for Public Service

Maria and Rex Grey ’67 are supporting America’s future public servants with a planned gift to the Bush School of Government and Public Service.

From the Outside Looking In

Jenny and Bob Jarcik's steadfast appreciation for the Aggie community inspired them to support student veterans.

Top 5 Planned Giving Myths

Learn the truth behind these planned giving myths to gain freedom in your estate planning journey.

The Great Giving Solution

Glenn Pittsford ’72 shares why you should consider a “give it twice” trust in your estate plan.

Two Generations of the Aggie Spirit

Barbara ’75 and Paul Goodman ’76 create a planned gift for Texas A&M that would make their dads proud.

Gig 'em, Grads!

Three Texas A&M University graduating seniors share about their time at Texas A&M and how the scholarships they received impacted their lives.

In Good Company

Inspired by his experience in Company E-2, Al Wheeler ’63 and his wife, Judi, created a Keepers of the Spirit Scholarship to support cadets.

Top 5 Donor-Advised Fund Advantages

Learn why donors of all ages and income levels are establishing donor-advised funds.

Estate Planning Essentials

Outline and secure your after-lifetime wishes before it’s too late.

Killer Treatments

A bequest from the late James J. Cain ’51 supports two biomedical engineering professors developing technologies to combat chronic health conditions.

Read All About It

Drs. Betsy ’72 and Bob Carpenter ’70 are making a promise to foster child literacy with a planned gift.

Sharing Paradise

Missy and Skooter Halamicek use a bequest to share their piece of heaven with Texas A&M University.

The Gift of Opportunity

Stacy and Rick Mobley ’81 establish a living trust to support future generations of Aggies in the College of Architecture.

Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes

Avoid these complications in your plan to protect your assets and loved ones.

What's Your Aggie Passion?

There are many things to love about being an Aggie. Take our quick 10-question quiz to discover your true Aggie passion!

Fueling Future Geologists

Cyd and Tom Kelly ’53 ’55 use a planned gift to enhance their current support for the College of Geosciences.

Top 5 Reasons to Love Planned Gifts

Planned gifts offer many advantages to donors, making them one of the sweetest ways to give.

New Year's Challenge: Get Your Estate in Order!

Learn how estate planning can protect your loved ones and assets.

Planting the Aggie Spirit

An online survey helped the Texas A&M Foundation direct Sandra Schneider's planned gift to support her passions.

Rock-Solid Generosity

Debbi ’74 and Dr. Gregg Dimmick ’74 use an annuity to impact future Aggies by honoring a professor who forever changed their lives.

Rooted in Research

A gift in a will allows Texas A&M University’s Pecan Endowment to strengthen its roots for future growth.

Giving from the Heart

Betty and Frank Thurmond ’51 express their love for Texas A&M University through four charitable gift annuities and multiple other endowments.

Givers from Within

Meet four Texas A&M faculty and staff members who established planned gifts as another way of giving back to the university.

It's a Giant World Out There

…and Amy ’91 and Robert Bacon ’91 want students to experience it. How their planned gift will help students go global.

Marching Behind the Band

Glen Hunt Jr. ’61 was an Aggie of his own generation, but his impact will be heard for generations to come.

Three Gifts That Pay You

Learn about dual-benefit gifts, which can help you support Texas A&M University while increasing your earnings!

A Life at Sea

Capt. Greg Tylawsky ’84 credits the Texas A&M Maritime Academy for his successful career at sea.

Ask the Expert: Estate Planning and You

Aggie lawyer Weldon Russell ’98 answers some of the most frequently asked questions about estate planning.

New Heights for Texas A&M Aerospace Engineering

A bequest from Dr. Walter Haisler ’67 and his wife will establish an endowed chair position to support the department head of aerospace engineering.

A Hint of Salt

Ronnakrit Rattanasriampaipong ’22, the recipient of a scholarship from the late Dr. Carol Litchfield ’69, carries on her legacy as an advocate.

Foundational Success

Bret Baccus ’89 creates a bequest to establish a Foundation Excellence Award scholarship and support the Mays CBA Fellows Program.

Helping the Helpers

Lydia Copeland attended one of the Foundation's planned giving workshops where she learned how to care for her estate and give back to Texas A&M.

The Benefits of Retirement Gifts

Check out these three retirement gift methods to see if they might be right for you!

The Legacy

Inspired by a life of travel, Kari Lervick and John West ’87 support study abroad programs by creating a bequest to supplement their current scholarship.

Ask the Expert: How to Become Your Own Health Care Advocate

Dr. Darcy McMaughan gives three simple steps for owning your health care narrative.

Taking Flight

Dr. Janice Boyd ’86 found a passion for parrots that inspired her planned gift to the Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center.

A Lifetime of Adventure

Patsy Kott ’90 championed the Rec Sports' Outdoor Adventures program. A memorial scholarship in her name supports students who share her same spirit.

Ask the Expert: Financial Planning and Charitable Giving

Janet Briaud and Natalie Briaud Pine of Briaud Financial Advisors offer financial planning ideas for making charitable donations.

A Quiet Way of Giving

Laurie Hagemaier reflects on her late father’s legacy of generosity as his planned gift takes effect.

Future Focused

Showcasing the impact of planned gifts during the Lead by Example campaign.

Military Man

Sally Old Houdayer honors her father’s World War II and Cold War military service through a bequest for Corps of Cadets scholarships.

Campaign Update

Showcasing the impact of planned gifts during the Lead by Example campaign. earn how donors like Elizabeth Bradford are making a difference by being future focused.

President's Post

How planned gifts are playing an instrumental role in fundraising for the Lead by Example campaign.

The Legacy

Millennials Chase ’10 and Kalyn Georg Carroll ’12 ’14 prove that you’re never too young for a planned gift.

Endless Support

The power of endowed funds.

Introducing the Physicianeers

Why is this mother-daughter team helping Texas A&M merge technology and health care? The reasons are many.

Pay It Forward, Ags!

Shane Frazier ’98 makes an IRA beneficiary gift to support Mays Business School.

Medicare 101

Dr. Michael Morrisey answers your most common questions about Medicare.

Building Leaders

John R. Carmichael III ’73 created a gift in his will to support the Mays Business School Master of Real Estate Program.

Embracing the Journey

New Heritage members Patricia ’93 and Edward McGruder ’89 pave a path for future students through a planned gift.

Paving the Way

Sarah Hlavinka ’86 establishes scholarships in the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences through a planned gift.

Planning Beyond the New Year

A conversation with Glenda Clausell, Esq. and managing counsel from Clausell Law Firm PLLC, on the importance of estate planning.

Texas A&M Receives $7 Million Gift for Medical and Nursing Education

Sue and Joe Knowles ’50, MD, make the largest scholarship gift in the history of the health sciences at Texas A&M.

The Road Well-Traveled

Charlotte and Billy Parks ’64 support Texas A&M students through a retained life estate.

Long-Term Plans

Millennials Chase ’10 and Kalyn Georg Carroll ’12 ’14 prove that you’re never too young for a planned gift.

Business Boost

Aggie couple Shannon ’86 and Wayne Roberts ’85 create largest planned gift in Mays Business School history.

How Making a Gift of Real Estate Benefits You

Giving a planned gift of real estate offers many advantages, including fixed income for life and avoiding capital gains taxes on large sales.

Divine Designs

Established through an estate gift, the Benz School of Floral Design educates students on the sophisticated art of floral arranging.

Promising Outlook

Through two planned gifts, Elliot B. “Ben” Vaughn ’74 honors classmate and friend Patty Holyfield ’74

Year-End Tax Tips

Tax tips from Andy Beakey ’84, a member of the Texas A&M Department of Accounting Advisory Council and tax partner at Ernst & Young.

The Legacy

Jere and Jack H. Smith ’64 create a testamentary unitrust to benefit oceangoing students.

Put Stock in Texas A&M

Donating appreciated securities can offer a wealth of benefits.

Generosity: A Family Tradition

John Schenken ’98 creates an Endowed Opportunity Award in honor of his 99-year-old grandmother

Deep in the Heart

Bernadette and Jerry Hajek Jr. create an endowed scholarship for Hart Hall residents in memory of their late son.

Planned Gift Supports President’s Endowed Scholar

When Tate Banks ’20 talks about his future, he lights up at the prospect of opportunities that await him.

Trusting the Process

New Heritage members Michelle ’88 and Todd Steudtner ’87 will use their estate to expand their existing Texas A&M scholarships.

Why a Will is the Way

FAQ’s about the estate planning document everyone needs.

Helping Engineers Thrive

The late Dr. Bonnie Hunt ’77 continues to inspire the next generation of engineers with a scholarship endowment created through a planned gift.

Giving a Beneficial Inheritance

A practical plan for leaving a beneficial inheritance to your children.

Fish Camp Fever

Texas A&M Foundation employee Andrew Millar ’14 creates a planned gift using his IRA to support Fish Camp student leaders.

A Little Piece of Texas Goes a Long Way

Sandy and Les Pittman ’74 reap multiple benefits through the charitable remainder unitrust established through the Foundation.

Giving Real Estate

Vice President for Real Estate Services, Tim Walton ’90 explains why leaving a legacy for Texas A&M via real estate offers great benefits.

A Mother's Love

Capt. John Moore ’66 honors his mother’s legacy through an IRA charitable rollover gift.

Charitable Gift Annuity Rate Increases

New Gift Annuity Rates Offer Even Greater Benefits to Donors from Lifetime Income Gifts!

Estate Planning for Young Adults

It’s never too early to have a conversation with your child about the future. Learn about his or her wishes and share your own estate plans.

Forecasting the Future

A planned gift from the late Joan Griffiths honors Texas’ first state climatologist and supports three students studying atmospheric sciences.

Gift Honors the Noble Man of Kyle

A planned gift from Mary Haney, wife of former Aggie Band Director Col. Joe T. Haney ’48, will help future Aggie musicians pursue their dreams.

Home on the Range

A gift of Hill Country property from Kay and Charles “Charlie” Pence ’51 will support Texas A&M University programs close to their hearts.

The Sum of Objectives Realized: Charitable Remainder Unitrust

How a charitable remainder unitrust benefits you.

Bequests 101

We talk about making a bequest, but what is it really? Originally, it referred to property passed through a will, but today, it means so much more.

Finding the Root of Joy

Poet, speaker and photographer Karla K. Morton '86 will bring messages of hope and inspiration to the 2018 Women, Wealth & Wisdom.

Tips for Downsizing

Whether becoming empty nesters, downsizing or embracing the minimalist movement, households are giving their items a closer look.

Life Insurance Gift Benefits Petroleum Engineering Department

Marilyn and Steve Miller ’79 designate the Texas A&M Foundation as owner and beneficiary of their $1 million life insurance policy.

Worlds Apart: English and Engineering

Scholarship created by C.C. Burton ’42 assist students in English and Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University.

How to Thrive When Life Happens

Joy Kirsch, CFO of life-changing events at Kirsch & Associates is the upcoming keynote speaker at Women, Wealth & Wisdom-North Texas on March 2, 2018.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Explained

With the recent passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), there will be substantial tax changes for many Americans in 2018.

A Sea of Opportunities

Mary ’04 and Clark Maxwell ’05 will support athletes and students at Texas A&M University at Galveston through charitable bequests.

Generosity Takes Flight

A gift from Connie and Roy Kendall's estate brings thousands of moths and butterflies to Texas A&M University.

Never Stop Learning

Lynn and Richard Box ’61 create a charitable remainder unitrust to support future Aggies.

Air Force Pilot Gives Back

Ryan Workman '99 and his wife Charity '97 use their life insurance policy to support cadets and encourage them to carry on Texas A&M traditions.

A Lifetime of Giving

Former Texas A&M Foundation employee Jerome Rektorik ’65 establishes a planned gift to support three areas at Texas A&M University.

Business Benefactors

Former dean of Mays Business School and wife ensure continued support for Cocanougher Special Events Center with a charitable gift annuity.

Planting a Legacy

Heritage Membership celebrates and honors those who have included a gift for Texas A&M in their estate plans.

Across Generations

A realized fellowship funds research and exploration opportunities in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management at Texas A&M University.

The Legacy

A planned gift supports transformational learning experiences for animal science students.

Dedication to Education

Through a charitable bequest that will fund scholarships, Debra and Douglas Johnson ’82 will alleviate financial struggles for future students.

Texas A&M’s First Family of Architecture

The legacy of the Geren-Giesecke family at Texas A&M started in 1886 and continues today through gifts that benefit Aggie faculty and students.

The Legacy

Maier Foundation President Brad Rowe ’97 creates a scholarship fund for future engineers.

Be Charitable and Diversify for Retirement

We’ve all heard “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” but when it comes to your retirement income, you want more than one basket.

Gift Will Expand Access to Sea Camp

Judy Wern Kiester '76 set up a bequest in her will to endow scholarships for underprivileged children to attend Sea Camp.

Make a Gift Without Writing a Check

Texas A&M’s success depends on the generosity of those who invest in its future. You can make a difference without depleting your checking account.

A Lesson in Philanthropy

April Hampton Perez shares advice and information on engaging at the 2017 Women, Wealth & Wisdom workshop.

A Look Back at Women, Wealth & Wisdom

On May 19, the Office of Gift Planning will host its 6th Women, Wealth & Wisdom workshop. Take a look back at past speakers.

A Spark of Success

Previous Women, Wealth & Wisdom speaker, blogger and New York Times best-selling author Melanie Shankle ’93 discusses the power of community.

Looking for the Light

Karen Walrond has learned to embrace the beauty of her own individuality and shared that wisdom with hundreds of women.

Planning Can Be Easy As Pie

Planning is a key part of life. Even though changes may happen, you can plan your estate to ensure that your family's needs and your wishes are met.

A White Coat Legacy

Dr. Jeanne Fairweather left a lasting impact on future Aggie veterinarians with a simple charitable bequest.

Continuing the Cycle of Giving Back

A scholarship recipient herself, Tiffany Wilmore '98 established her own scholarship that will provide a future student with the same opportunity.

Global Experience for a Global Economy

Jennifer Lindsay '88 wanted to give back to Liberal Arts students, establishing a study abroad endowment with a life insurance policy.

Tax Wise Charitable Planning Strategies

There are several charitable planning strategies that can help you lower your tax burden. Learn your different options to save money this year.

Empowering Women in Numbers

For the past five years, the Women, Wealth and Wisdom workshop has empowered more women to take control of their finances.

The Legacy

Planning a gift of investment accounts gives Jane and Jerry Kingsley a clear-cut, easy way to provide for future students and programs at Texas A&M University.

Aggie Parents Inspired By Others

Steve and Linda Phillips created two scholarships to fund industrial distribution and early childhood education students.

Gift of Life Insurance Supports MSC OPAS

Jeremy Byrd '00 made the decision to give back to OPAS by naming the Texas A&M Foundation as a beneficiary in his life insurance policy.

Stock Funded Gift Provides Couple with Payments for Life

Jean and Col. John R. Vilas ’53 ’66 used Apple stock to fund a charitable gift annuity through the Texas A&M Foundation.

Planned Gift Supports Female Graduates from the College of Geosciences

Ben Vaugn '74 designated a planned gift from his life insurance policy to establish an endowed scholarship for women studying geology and geophysics.

Choosing an Executor

Choosing an executor - the person or institution you put in charge of carrying out your final wishes - is one of the most important decisions.

From Donor to Gift Planning Officer

When Amy Bacon ’91 met with the Gift Planning staff to learn more about creating a planned gift, her meeting brought a much different outcome.

How Much Is Too Much Inheritance?

While we all want to help our children and grandchildren, a lump sum inheritance may be too much for our heirs to manage all at once.

How to Meet Your Financial Needs and Still Benefit Texas A&M

Angela & Byron Maxwell '47 wanted to support A&M but wanted to help family too. With a testamentary unitrust, they were able to accomplish both goals.

Simple Ideas to Protect Your Loved Ones

With just a little planning, you can have peace of mind knowing you have taken care of your family and secured their future.

Smooth Sailing

Hal Schade’s life journey would take him from around the world, but two questions would create a round-trip that would lead him back to Texas A&M.

Who to Choose as a Beneficiary?

At 70½, you will be required to take a distribution from your IRA, even if you do not need it. Learn about different options on handling your IRA.

A Gift That Provides You Secure and Stable Payments for Life

A growing number of Aggies are learning about the benefits of a charitable gift annuity because of all the advantages it brings.

Busy Voelkel Family Makes Time to Invest in Texas A&M Through a Gift of Life Insurance

In February, the Voelkels named the Texas A&M Foundation beneficiary of a $500,000 life insurance policy.

California Couple Supports Corps of Cadets With After-Lifetime Gift

A charitable gift annuity funded by Dorthy and Jim Staehs ’55 will cement the legacy of this proud Aggie couple.

The Legacy

A planned gift from Mary-Ann and Tom Ferguson '78 will support global experiences for industrial distribution majors.

The Legacy

For Stephanie Sneed Langenstein ’89, a unique planned gift option presents the opportunity to support her passions during her lifetime.

Edna and Ed Hogan Provide for Their Daughters and Texas A&M With a Planned Gift

The legacy of Edna and Ed Hogan Jr. '44 lives on at Texas A&M through a charitable remainder trust they established to support the university.

The Legacy

Gifts of retirement assets are a popular way to leave a lasting legacy at Texas A&M.

Peace of Mind for Pet Lovers

Texas A&M’s Stevenson Companion Animal Life-Care Center is a pet paradise, veterinary training ground and Shangri-la for pet owners.

Aggie Creates Gift Before Starting Afghanistan Job

Before James H. Johnson ’86 started a job in Afghanistan last year, he wanted to finish an important item on his to-do list: establish a planned gift.

Our Bequest to A&M Offers Financial Flexibility

My wife, Jane, and I want to support our children and grandchildren financially if they need it, so a “planned gift” for Texas A&M.

Shady Shares His Spirit

Throughout the country Texas A&M former students exemplify what it means to be an Aggie every day of their lives.

Four Reasons to Rethink Online Giving

Donating through the Texas A&M Foundation’s online giving platform is a hassle-free way to make a difference for Texas A&M.

When Texas A&M is Your Fifth Child

When Dionel Avilès ’53 and his wife updated their estate plan, they created a revocable living trust that benefits their children and A&M programs.

Five Reasons to Take Advantage of Matching Gifts

Consider these five reasons to use matching funds with your next donation.

The Call to Serve

United States Naval pilot Clay Huber '12 demonstrates leadership with a planned gift.

The Legacy

Zou and Boyd Cherry ’67 establish gifts in their wills to impact Texas A&M for years to come.

Rooted in Texas A&M

Carolyn ’69 ’75 and Thomas Adair ’57 ’65 created a significant planned gift to ensure that all of their assets will benefit Texas A&M.

A Charitable Gift Annuity Combines Giving and Receiving

Marijo and Bob English '46 established a charitable gift annuity to benefit the Corps of Cadets and their family.


Michelle Keller ’92 is designating a percentage of her estate to fund a scholarship for future students who desire to study abroad.

Benefiting Aggies Forever

Jim McBride's '62 planned IRA gift first will endow eight, four-year General Rudder scholarships for students in the Corps of Cadets.

Gift of IRA Takes Flight

Class of '82 couple will help Aggies create flight plans for their future through planned gift.

From Heartbreak to Hope

Lois and Sally Beach ’81 established memorial endowments to create scholarships for future generations of Aggie students.

Added Insurance for Students and Animals

Lu Ann Ervin, DVM '84 is dedicated to providing outstanding care to the large and small patients at her business, Texas Animal Medical Center in Waco.

Aggie Couple Supports TAMU with Real Estate Gift

Linda and James love their home. They purchased it decades ago when they were just married.


With help from Shelby Metcalf and J. Wayne Stark, a small-town boy is lifted from oil field worker to successful entrepreneur.

Aggie Persistence

Chaz Neely's '62 career climb to owner of San Antonio Steel Company was not a story of overnight success.

A Letterman's Legacy

The Lemings' charitable trust will create scholarships for business students and cadets, as well as support athletic and former student programs.

Building a Platform in Civil Engineering

John J. Bardgette '45 established his most important partnership when, after a brief courtship, he married his wife, Jean, in June 1946.

Corps Contributions

A class of '49 Aggie's legacy lives on through his bequest to the Corps of Cadets.

Deferred Gift Annuity

W. J. Parks '58 and his wife, Janie, worked hard to be able to give back to Texas A&M and the Corps of Cadets with a monetary gift.


Mike C. Dillingham '35 recently funded a $50,000 gift annuity with the Texas A&M Foundation.

Financing Future Aggie Leaders

Toni Anne and Tom Dashiell '52 are including a planned gift to the Texas A&M Foundation in their revocable living trust.


Wilton Hammond '48 says it was A&M that strengthened his values, gave him leadership skills, and prepared him for his rise to president and chairman.


The Kensings created their charitable gift annuity by transferring significant assets to the Texas A&M Foundation.

Peace of Mind Gift Annuity

Elizabeth and Ted Saba '41 of Tyler began giving to Texas A&M in 1989. They recently made their fourth major gift, a $50,000 charitable gift annuity.

Surveying the Future of Civil Engineering

Bud and his wife, Patsy, will create, after their lifetime, a testamentary lead trust for which the Foundation Trust Company will serve as trustee.

The Gift that Gives Twice

The Maxwells are using estate assets to set up the unitrust which will begin after their lifetimes.

The Life Estate

Clifton Pfeil '50 and his wife, Lenette, have long wanted to find a way to support the university that has meant so much to them over the years.

Military Mom Helps Others Afford Child Care Through Estate Gift

A military mom is helping others afford child care through an estate gift to the Becky Gates Children’s Center.

Pair pledges gift to fund several Texas A&M endowments

M. Ann and Charles P. ’82 Manning have committed gifts to Mays Business School, two other Texas A&M University colleges and the 12th Man Foundation.

Stromberg Unitrust to Benefit Agriculture and Speech Pathology

Through a charitable trust the Strombergs can take care of their personal needs and provide support to students in agriculture and speech pathology.

A Little Piece of Texas Goes a Long Way

Sandy and Les Pittman ’74 created a charitable remainder unitrust to leave part of their Texas Hill Country ranch to the Texas A&M Foundation.

Fish Drill Team Forever Fortified

Lord found the perfect way to give when he received a postcard from the Texas A&M Foundation about life insurance gifts.

Texas A&M Professors Fund Faculty Chairs with Future Gift to Chemistry

Janet Bluemel and John Gladysz are paying it forward with the largest planned gift in the history of the Texas A&M Chemistry Department.

Giving As You Go

The Von Dohlen's life insurance gift will turn their $21,092 contribution into an endowment of around $120,000.